Zipit Clients Achieve Competitive Advantage

Zipit was bringing connected products to market before anyone coined the term “Internet of Things.” Industry-leading brands such as Verizon, Bushnell, Sony and HP have capitalized on the value of connectivity to achieve their business goals with our IoT Platform and Services. Zipit customers utilize our IoT cloud platform to accelerate development of their Internet-connected products, rely on our team to customize software to their specific needs, and trust Zipit to manage their IoT operations, 24×7. The result: connected products that deliver a better customer experience and provide a competitive advantage.

“The Zipit IoT cloud platform enables a best-in-class consumer experience that places the Trophy Cam HD Wireless in a category all by itself. Zipit was the right partner to work with on our first wireless trail camera and we continue to use them throughout the development of our new wireless products—so we can deliver the unparalleled customer experiences that Bushnell is known for.”

Product Manager
Bushnell Outdoor Products

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An IoT Solution that solves your Technology & Business Needs

Companies are faced with technical, business, and operational challenges when trying to bring innovative IoT products and services to market – many of which they’ve never faced before. Zipit’s IoT Solution offloads the technological complexities of IoT, helps you avoid the pitfalls that you haven’t even thought of yet, and allows you to focus on what you’re good at – making and selling great devices. Our offering includes:

  1. Zipit IoT Platform – provides all of the building blocks for a complete IoT Solution
  2. Zipit Innovation Services – provides customization and consulting to bring your IoT visions to life
  3. Zipit Operations Services – provides managed solution services to keep your IoT solutions up and running for the life of your product

If you need to provide a better customer experience, are looking for a partner with deep expertise that can unlock the full potential of your IoT initiative, or need help from concept to deployment to operations, let’s connect. We’ll help ensure your connected product initiatives succeed and provide you with a competitive advantage.

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How Can You Benefit from Zipit’s IoT Solution?

Our extensive platform, experienced development team, and managed services, delivers.

  1. We can provide you with the best customer experience right out of the box. Our years of product development experience enable us to make product setup a breeze for your end users. You don’t have to take our word for it, just see what customers are saying.
  2. We can get you to market – fast. We have the platform, partners, connectivity, and development team to customize it all to meet your specific needs.
  3. We know how to get in touch! We have deep expertise in messaging – far beyond the capabilities of an email or text message. If your product requires urgent notifications to your customers, your internal team, or both – Zipit has the answers. We’ve been delivering advanced messaging solutions for over 12 years.  Over 500 enterprises rely on Zipit’s advanced messaging solution every day.
  4. We can eliminate your worries about security. From day one, we’ve been designing our products to ensure safe operations for you and your customers.  We’ve been vetted by some of the most demanding organizations in the world – including the U.S. Department of Defense, the FDA, and many of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation.

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Connecting Bushnell, Sony & Others to the World

Our IoT services helped create the first carrier-approved, wirelessly managed trail camera, a home medication delivery system that’s changing healthcare and much more. (Not to mention our very own critical messaging platform.) All are user-friendly. All are disrupting their industries.

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