IoT Solutions for Connected Medical Devices

Zipit’s Internet connectivity and device management technology enables digital health and medical device companies to rapidly develop and deploy secure, wireless solutions for remote monitoring, medication dispensing & management, and more.

Secure Connected Medical Devices

Zipit’s IoT device management capabilities can help you secure and remotely update connected medical devices while dramatically reducing costly development time.

Digital Health & Device Insights

Are patients maintaining adherence? How are customers using your products? Is your software up-to-date? Zipit provides you with analytics that give you insight into your business and OTA updates to continually improve your products.

Enhance Care Delivery.
Manage Population Health.

Innovative companies are leveraging Zipit’s technology to enable new ways of providing care to patients, wherever they are. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you develop and deploy wireless solutions.

Powering Livi® – PharmRight’s Medication Dispensing Platform

Benefits of Zipit’s IoT Platform for Connected Health

The Zipit team has deep expertise in secure cloud infrastructures and device connectivity. We’ve provided Internet-connected solutions for the hospital environment, for patients’ homes, and anywhere in-between.

Trusted Security for Peace of Mind. Zipit’s reliability, encryption, and HIPAA compliant infrastructure have been vetted by the Department of Defense, the FDA and over 500 healthcare customers.

A platform that reflects the Zipit team’s intimate understanding of healthcare communications systems and patterns. Zipit-powered Medical IoT devices are designed to be sensitive to caregiver and physician needs – reducing alarm fatigue and fully supporting team-based care.

Commercially Proven Technology. Our device provisioning, device management, and seamless Wi-Fi & cellular connectivity capabilities are in-use by hundreds of US healthcare organizations.

Complete IoT Solutions designed for the various stakeholders in the IoT value chain – from doctors to patients to caregivers and beyond. For example, Zipit provides cloud-based device management portals for both end-customers and suppliers’ Customer Support teams.

Device, server, and business analytics that help organizations get a more holistic picture of their business and of population health data. Zipit understands industry metrics (like HCAHPS and readmission rates) and enables data collection that can help organizations measure and improve these metrics.

A focus on interoperability with healthcare informatics, EHR/EMR systems, nurse call and middleware systems.

Cloud-based HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Zipit’s cloud-based and fully encrypted messaging technology has been leveraged by hundreds of healthcare organizations since 2011. We’ve developed unique priority-based messaging and Smart Message orchestrations that deliver unmatched value in alarm communication and life safety scenarios. Embed this messaging into your applications and devices to enable unparalleled alerting capabilities.

Creating Frictionless Experiences

Connected Health applications are creating a new paradigm in patient care, that enables physicians and caregivers to provide care in more efficient ways. To ensure patient adoption of these amazing tools, connected devices and services should provide practical value and be intuitive to use.

The Zipit team takes a thoughtful approach to IoT design and implementation, helping medtech companies deliver truly exceptional Out-of-Box experiences, centered around patients and other end users.

Comprehensive Connected Health Solutions

Zipit’s offering is a complete IoT solution for medical device companies that includes a platform to accelerate product time to market, Innovation Services to maximize the value of Internet connectivity, and fully managed operations services to keep your connected solutions running and scaling, seamlessly. If you need a technology partner that can help you from concept to deployment to operations for connected medical devices, contact us today.