Connectivity & Management Platform for Consumer Devices

Zipit’s Internet connectivity and device management technology enables consumer products companies to rapidly develop and deploy solutions for remote monitoring, the smart home, outdoor scouting and more.

We specialize in providing secure wireless and cloud-based solutions that accelerate product development, power best-in-class customer experiences and create strong, service-based business models.

Launch IoT Products Faster

Zipit’s IoT platform serves as the technological building blocks to accelerate development of Internet-connected devices.

Advanced Messaging for IoT

Is a simple text message or email an acceptable alert when your water heater leaks? What about when a baby’s temperature spikes or during an attempted break-in?

Important events require advanced messaging. Zipit’s proprietary, cloud-based messaging ensures that time-sensitive data collected from IoT devices gets turned into actionable information and communication.

Enable New Digital Services.
Reap the ROI.

Take advantage of advanced IoT technology to enable new ways of interacting with customers, managing your business, and generating revenue. Contact us today to get started.

Managing Bushnell’s millions of photos in the Cloud

Benefits of Zipit’s IoT Platform for Connected Products

Enterprise-grade infrastructure, device management, and connectivity technology that can be built upon – saving time and reducing development costs.

Platform partnerships with leading domestic and international wireless carriers, enabling Zipit-powered devices to work seamlessly, wherever they are.

Commercially Proven Technology. Zipit’s reliability, encryption, and integration capabilities have been vetted by the Department of Defense, the FDA, and hundreds of US enterprises.

Scalable cloud infrastructure and OTA (Over-the-air) update expertise – ability to support deployments of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of devices and beyond.

Solution-based analytics – providing detailed insights into devices, servers, and operations.

A team that understands how to implement a full IoT ecosystem – from embedded technologies to security, messaging, infrastructure, analytics, mobile applications, provisioning & billing, and more.

Making Mobile Scouting & Surveillance Possible

We have years of experience in developing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructures, DoD-level encryption, advanced messaging technologies, and consumer-friendly digital experiences. This background gives us the ability to support and secure even some of the most complex remote monitoring and surveillance businesses.

If you are interested in developing wireless cameras for any number of environments – in the smart home, throughout a smart city, or even in the great outdoors – contact us. We’ll show you how Zipit’s connectivity and device management technology can place your products in a class of their own.

Award-Winning Out-of-Box Experiences

“This unit is insanely user-friendly.”

We hear that a lot.

The Zipit team takes pride in our ability to create digital experiences that are intuitive, and enable product features that amaze our clients and their end-users. Our IoT Innovation Services ensure that your products deliver truly exceptional Out-of-Box experiences that cement brand loyalty among your customers.

Developing HP’s Game-Changing Digital Frame

HP wanted to develop a digital picture frame that capitalized on new wireless technologies and was effortless to use.

Zipit came in and took this vision to a whole new level – empowering users to control frames remotely and integrating the frames with the latest social media and image sharing sites.

End-to-End Solutions for Smart Products

If you need a technology partner that can help you accelerate product development, maximize the value of Internet connectivity, and keep your connected solutions running smoothly, contact us today.