IoT Innovation Services: Expert Consultation & Software Customization

Zipit has been helping international brands maximize the value of connecting their products to the cloud for over a decade.

We offer consultation services to help guide and refine your concept and we provide custom software development for server and mobile applications that starts with our platform and transforms it into a solution that meets your specific business needs. Our extensive product design and development experience has earned our clients various industry awards and glowing reviews from their end users.

AWS IoT Consulting

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“Zipit was the right partner to work with on our first wireless trail camera and we continue to use them throughout the development of our new wireless products so we can deliver the unparalleled customer experiences Bushnell is known for. ”

Product Manager
Bushnell Outdoor Products

Read the Bushnell story.

Our software and product development work is characterized by thoughtful design – resulting in intuitive UX and tried-and-true reliability.

Our partners and clients trust us to help them deliver truly unique IoT offerings.  When you work with Zipit, our team will take the time to understand your specific needs and those of your customers to enable Out-of-Box experiences that guarantee real-world value and set your products apart from the competition.

“This unit is insanely user-friendly…”

“…truly the ultimate next-generation scouting tool. Easy to set up out of the box…”

“The app was the most intuitive and useful…”

“…a marvel of modern electronics…”

Zipit also offers a platform to accelerate product time to market and managed services to keep your connected solutions running seamlessly. Get in touch with us to learn how Zipit can help you take full advantage of the benefits that come with adding Internet connectivity to your offerings.