User-friendly. Profit Friendly.

Back when Hewlett Packard was known only for printers, they had an idea for an Internet of Things home appliance that would tap into the photo-sharing craze of the late-2000s. It was a photo frame that would allow a remote user to control the images that appeared on the device. (“Big deal,” you say; but remember, back then our cell phones still flipped open.)

The Problem

HP wanted a device that was simple to use, first and foremost. And they needed this device to allow seamless control remotely. Their target audience, young families, would purchase this device for their parents, who knew little about the Internet, much less downloading “confusing” software.

And back then, HP engineers couldn’t simply Google “Internet of Things company.” They were expert engineers and designers, but needed a partner that could bring value to an Internet of Things home appliance.

The Solution

Zipit met with HP and gave them some bad news: The product they were about to introduce would be a failure. Here’s why: The parents and grandparents of the target audience were not going to go online, log in, sign up for multiple photo-sharing websites, download software and be on their merry way.

We had a better idea: What if those parents/grandparents could see the content their family members were posting to Facebook without needing an account? And what if the family members could remotely control the device to show different albums?

HP loved it. So that’s what we did.

The Result

Zipit made the HP Smart Wi-Fi Display screen device simple to use for the administrator and the recipient. (No coding or engineering background needed—we did all the hard work on the backend.) The administrator simply had to log onto a web-based portal to control the images, and the recipient only had to turn the device’s power on. Win-win.

We then connected the Smart Wi-Fi Display to the most common photo-friendly websites for seamless integration: Facebook, Photobucket, flickr, YouTube and more.

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