Zipit IoT Platform: The Building Blocks for your IoT Initiative

Zipit’s proven IoT platform has been deployed by over 500 U.S. and international enterprises to reduce operational costs, improve the customer experience, and create new sources of revenue – all resulting in improved business results.

With device connectivity, a scalable cloud infrastructure, server and smartphone applications, carrier access, end-to-end security, billing systems, business analytics and more, Zipit’s comprehensive platform provides the critical elements needed to get our customers’ products to market fast.

By leveraging Zipit’s enterprise-grade technology and business logic, our customers are able to rest assured that their IoT offerings are reliable and secure and provide them with a competitive advantage.

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“The Zipit platform accelerated our time to market and reduced the complexities of bringing a secure, Internet-enabled device to market. ”

Bill Park
PharmRight Corporation

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The Zipit IoT Platform provides you with innovative technologies. Some examples include:

  • Device Communications Protocols: Patented & commercially-proven code. Zipit’s Device First™ approach and Wireless Aware™ communications protocols enable you to scale devices between 8 bit – 32 bit micros, while securing them from hacking & “Botnet” events and ensuring your products are sensitive to bandwidth and usage costs.
  • Patented critical messaging, deployed by hundreds of enterprises since 2011. Unique priority-based messaging and support for sophisticated Smart Message™ orchestrations that auto-escalate, auto-route or re-initiate important communications.
  • A secure ecosystem, with a cloud infrastructure that has been vetted commercially, by the FDA, and the Department of Defense and all data encrypted at rest and in transit. For medical device or FedGov applications, Zipit also provides HIPAA compliant and/or FedRAMP approved infrastructures.
  • Unique business logic support for device provisioning & billing. Take advantage of seamless Wi-Fi & cellular connectivity with support for both domestic and international carriers.
  • Solution-based Analytics: Get detailed insights into devices, servers, business logic, and performance-driven data.

When combined with our Innovation Services and fully-managed Operations Services, you get an End-to-End IoT Solution that will get you started quickly and set your IoT initiative up for long-term success.