Advanced Communication for Manufacturing

Increase productivity. Reduce downtime. That’s the one-two punch of manufacturing efficiency. So what’s the best way to optimize workflow and improve production metrics? The answer is simple: Advanced communications. After all, the key to keeping machines working at their best is to empower the people who work the machines.

And that’s precisely what the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ can do for you.

Our reliable, two-way messaging system can help you streamline communication between plant managers, technicians, line operators, shipping and more. This is a real-time event notification system that enables quick decision making and rapid response. What’s more, managers finally have the accountability they need. With Zipit, they know their message has been received, and the task has been accepted.

Enterprises that depend on Zipit for Industrial Communications


“Because it is loud enough to be heard through all the excessive noise inside the plant, the Zipit solution has helped us reduce our time to a line-down condition.”

Administrative Assistant to the Plant Manager
LiDestri Food and Beverage

Industrial IoT: Automated Communications for Even Faster Response

Zipit is an effective tool for industrial Internet of Things applications. Whether it’s an equipment failure, quality issue, supply chain bottleneck or safety concern, Zipit can help you address critical issues in record time. In addition to rapid device-to-device messaging, Zipit can integrate with existing machine-to-machine telematics for automated alerts and even faster response times. With machine-monitoring software sending alerts directly to Zipit-enabled mobile devices, remote personnel can address line-down events before they even happen.

  1. Dedicated Messaging Device – Zipit Now™ TSL redefines rapid response with ultra-reliable industrial IoT communications, including two-way paging, priority messaging and forced message response.
  2. iOS & Android Mobile Apps – Zipit Confirm™ Mobile App offers the same functionality as dedicated Zipit Now TSL, overriding device volume settings* and offering support for multiple roles on BYOD.
  1. Browser-based Communication – With Zipit Web Messenger, seamlessly communicate back and forth with remote teams across an entire facility or off‑site
  2. Cloud-based Administrative Portal – With Zipit RAP™, you can send messages to as many as 10,000 devices, get messaging and delivery updates, and there’s no server to install or maintain.

*Available only on Android and Zipit devices

Better Business Analytics Means Optimized Performance

Improving productivity and workflow process is all about having the right information. And Zipit provides the real-time data you need for effective business analytics. All communications are stored in our cloud-based administrator, Zipit RAP. This detailed information populates reports that can improve analysis and planning. From critical maintenance to supply needs, Zipit can help you improve your operations.

Learn why EnviroVac trusts Zipit for Emergency Notifications.

Bottom Line: Rapid Response Keeps You Moving

Improving communication between manufacturing personnel is essential to efficiency. It means faster repairs. Less stoppage time. Expedited supply delivery. And enhanced safety response. These actionable items transform manufacturing by eliminating waste and driving efficiency. All of which makes your operation smarter, faster and more productive.

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