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Designed with Developers in Mind.

The Zipit platform is designed to help developers manage connectivity and enable subscription billing for their IoT devices, in a simple and straightforward way. There are various methods to integrate with our platform, based on the needs of your business and IoT solution.


Restful APIs that enable you to easily register devices with the appropriate configuration,
assign to customers, and activate data plans.


Zipit has developed webhook interfaces to give you insight into subscription plans.

SSO Integration

We can federate our platform with yours to enable you to have full control over who has access to your deployment.


"BrightSign wanted to be able to offer subscription services around the world, without overwhelming our operations teams... Zipit's robust platform, expertise in subscription offerings, and integrations with our carrier provider gave us the confidence we needed to move forward."

Bryan Kennedy, VP Business Development at BrightSign


Accelerate Time to Market

Save weeks or even months that would otherwise be spent negotiating with different carriers and integrating with their various connectivity platforms.

carrier connectivity

Automate Cellular Activations

Get back the time you would have previously spent manually activating new IoT devices. With our platform, your customers can activate devices whenever they need, allowing you to focus on building new product features.

automated cellular activations

Customize Your Device Activation Portal

The Zipit platform is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor your site with your brand style while also enabling you to integrate with your existing business platforms. 

Customized Payment Portals

Everything IoT Developers Need to Launch Their Solutions

Seamlessly Manage Connections Across Multiple Carriers in One Place

Integrating with our platform allows you to connect and manage your cellular connections across carrier platforms including Verizon ThingSpace, Vodafone GDSP, and Control Center as offered by MNOs like AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telefonica and KPN.

A Single Dashboard for Full Device Lifecycle Management

Get the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of your connected device - from activation and testing, to initial deployment in the field, to end-of-life deactivation. 

Start and Stop Cellular Subscriptions on Demand

We provide the ability to start cellular subscriptions, giving developers the ability to tie carrier activations to the subscription status and to begin collecting recurring revenue, while Zipit's platform handles the transactions.

Crack the Code to Monetizing Your Cloud Platform

Your cellular IoT device communicates with a back end cloud platform. Zipit can also help you monetize that Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) alongside the data services in the same subscription plan, and on a single bill.

Subscriptions and Taxation Made Simple and Convenient For You

Through Zipit's credit card billing on your behalf, Zipit becomes the merchant of record, meaning we take on the responsibility of monetizing subscription services and paying the appropriate taxes as required, making it even easier for developers to receive recurring revenue.

Robust Security to Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Zipit's platform is secured using state of the art encryption and methodologies, and is PCI compliant.

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