The Internet of Things…
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We combine our expertise in securing and managing IoT devices with industry-leading IoT cloud platforms to provide highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of IoT customers of any size.

IoT Device Management Capabilities

Zipit has over 10 years of experience in developing, building and supporting connected devices. We offer a comprehensive suite of IoT device management capabilities to enable IoT customers of any size to have complete control over their devices and data.

Don’t wait until you need to update your device software to think about IoT device management…

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Setup & Configuration

IoT Device Authentication_white

Authentication & Provisioning

Software Management & Updates

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Monitoring & Alerts

IoT Security Expertise

End-to-end security is “baked into” the way we deliver and support IoT solutions. Our patented technologies have been vetted by the Department of Defense, the FDA, and a host of other industry-leading organizations across the IoT ecosystem.

Don’t wait until your devices have been hacked to start thinking about IoT device security…

Worldwide Carrier Connectivity

IoT Wireless Carriers

If your IoT product requires cellular connectivity, Zipit can be your one-stop shop. Through our numerous global carrier relationships, we offer flexible pricing plans, a single point of contact and one consolidated bill; all to meet the needs of any size IoT deployment, anywhere around the world.

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