Customer Stories

Find out why companies choose to power their IoT solutions with Zipit platforms.

Consumer Devices

Bushnell Wireless Trail Cameras

Zipit helps Bushnell offer cellular subscriptions & promotions to trail camera customers.

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Industrial Solutions

Hunter Industries Irrigation Controllers

Hunter Industries relies on Zipit to activate and support their cellular subscription offerings around the world.

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Industrial Solutions

BrightSign Digital Signage Media Players

Zipit enables BrightSign to activate cellular services and offer digital subscription packages to their customers.

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Asset Tracking

Samsung SmartThings Trackers

Samsung relied on Zipit to activate subscriptions on the LTE-M cellular network.

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Smart Cities

GRIDSMART Traffic Monitoring

Zipit manages GRIDSMART cellular plans to help mitigate overages.

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Consumer Devices

PharmRight Pill Dispensers

Zipit provides the connectivity platform for PharmRight's cellular-enabled medication dispensers.

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Transportation & Logistics

PursuitAlert Fleet Monitoring

PursuitAlert's devices leverage Zipit software to enable connectivity and communication with cloud services.

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Consumer Devices

Wi-Fi Hotspots for RVs

A leading RV brand uses the Zipit billing platform to enable subscriptions for their Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot service.

Industrial Solutions

Fire Suppression Systems

Zipit provides the wireless connectivity for a leading HVAC manufacturer's fire suppression products.

Industrial Solutions

Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Zipit manages cellular activations and recurring credit card transactions for a leading IoT hardware manufacturer.

Asset Tracking

Tracking Construction Equipment

Zipit serves as the multi-network connectivity provider for an asset tracking company in the construction industry.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Hotspots for First Responders

Zipit provides multi-carrier support as part of an in-vehicle networking solution for First Responders.

Industrial Solutions

Indoor Dehumidification Solutions

A leading provider of indoor pool dehumidification systems relies on Zipit for cellular connectivity on multiple networks.

Industrial Solutions

Fertilizer Application & Control Systems

Zipit helps a leading fertilizer application company efficiently activate their cellular products on the carrier networks.

Industrial Solutions

Machine Control Solutions

Zipit helps a large distributor of construction technology software and systems offer cellular services to its customers.

Condition-Based Monitoring

Automotive Telemetry Systems

A leading manufacturer of motorsport data logging and engine control products relies on Zipit for cellular service during races.

Industrial Solutions

Sensors for Preventative Care

A healthcare technology company relies on Zipit for connectivity and device management of their connected diaper solution.

Industrial Solutions

Commercial Thermostats & Smart Buildings

A large HVAC and electrical services company depends on Zipit to provide wireless connectivity for smart building solutions.


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