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Accelerated Growth


Increase in lifetime profit per camera for Bushnell

Impactful Cost-Savings


Reduction in overage-related costs for Cubic

Improved Operational Efficiency

16 hours

saved during invoice reconciliation each month by Device Solutions

Trusted by Industry-Leading Brands

IoT businesses around the world trust Zipit to keep them connected

Case Studies


Industrial Solutions
Hunter Industries Irrigation Controllers

Hunter Industries relies on Zipit to activate and support their cellular subscription offerings a...

Industrial Solutions
BrightSign Digital Signage Media Players

Zipit enables BrightSign to activate cellular services and offer digital subscription packages to...

Industrial Solutions
Fire Suppression Systems

Zipit provides the wireless connectivity for a leading HVAC manufacturer's fire suppression produ...

Industrial Solutions
Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Zipit manages cellular activations and recurring credit card transactions for a leading IoT hardw...

Industrial Solutions
Industrial Hotspots for First Responders

Zipit provides multi-carrier support as part of an in-vehicle networking solution for First Respo...

Industrial Solutions
Indoor Dehumidification Solutions

A leading provider of indoor pool dehumidification systems relies on Zipit for cellular connectiv...

Industrial Solutions
Fertilizer Application & Control Systems

Zipit helps a leading fertilizer application company efficiently activate their cellular products...

Industrial Solutions
Machine Control Solutions

Zipit helps a large distributor of construction technology software and systems offer cellular se...

Industrial Solutions
Sensors for Preventative Care

A healthcare technology company relies on Zipit for connectivity and device management of their c...

Industrial Solutions
Commercial Thermostats & Smart Buildings

A large HVAC and electrical services company depends on Zipit to provide wireless connectivity fo...


Consumer Devices
Bushnell Wireless Trail Cameras

Zipit helps Bushnell offer cellular subscriptions & promotions to trail camera customers.

Asset Tracking
Samsung SmartThings Trackers

Samsung relied on Zipit to activate subscriptions on the LTE-M cellular network.

Smart Cities
GRIDSMART Traffic Monitoring

Zipit manages GRIDSMART cellular plans to help mitigate overages.

Consumer Devices
PharmRight Pill Dispensers

Zipit provides the connectivity platform for PharmRight's cellular-enabled medication dispensers....

Transportation & Logistics
PursuitAlert Fleet Monitoring

PursuitAlert's devices leverage Zipit software to enable connectivity and communication with clou...

Consumer Devices
Wi-Fi Hotspots for RVs

A leading RV brand uses the Zipit billing platform to enable subscriptions for their Mobile Wi-Fi...

Asset Tracking
Tracking Construction Equipment

Zipit serves as the multi-network connectivity provider for an asset tracking company in the cons...

Condition-Based Monitoring
Automotive Telemetry Systems

A leading manufacturer of motorsport data logging and engine control products relies on Zipit for...

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