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Simplify IoT Monetization and Maximize Revenue

Discover Benefits of Zipit's
Downstream Billing Solutions

Your all-in-one platform for monetizing IoT services, managing cellular costs and simplifying billing operations.

Unlock Revenue Streams that Transform Your Business 

Generate recurring revenue by seamlessly billing customers for cellular connectivity and any related services – all managed from a single dashboard.

Integrate Payments with SIM Operations to Maximize Profitability

Maintain full control over your connectivity costs with seamless SIM activation and deactivation directly linked to a customer's payment status.

Self-Service Activations Enable You to Scale Faster

Empower customers to activate, manage, and upgrade their subscription plans as needed - providing a frictionless experience and allowing you to scale without adding more resources.

Launch Faster with a Fully-Customizable Portal  

Start collecting recurring revenue in a matter of days by leveraging our turnkey, white label solution for IoT subscription billing. Transform from a hardware company into a subscription company without requiring large investments to build billing infrastructure.

Zipit Can Act As Your Merchant of Record

Eliminate the headaches of global tax compliance. Zipit will handle tax calculations, collection, and reporting, so you can focus on your core business.

Gain a Whole New Level of Insight into Your Business

Unlock valuable insights into data-usage trends, subscription preferences, and customer retention metrics to enhance your IoT solutions and propel sustainable growth.

The Billing Platform Powering IoT Businesses

Accelerate IoT Revenue Growth
with Zipit's Billing Solutions

Introduce Tiered Subscription Models

Create, manage, and optimize subscription plans that maximize your revenue potential.

Create flexible plans with trials, tiered options, and seasonal promotions to maximize customer value and recurring revenue. Reduce your workload by empowering users to self-manage plans, upgrades, and renewals while keeping them informed with automated notifications. Expand your global reach by supporting multiple currencies and languages.

Improve Invoicing Efficiency with Automation

Efficiently manage usage-based or active line-based billing with Zipit.

Use Zipit to automate the otherwise manual processes of tracking data usage, counting active lines and generating monthly reports to facilitate invoicing to customers or resellers.

Stay Agile with Account Hierarchy

Empower Your Resellers with Business Insights

As your business grows and you build reseller channels, create parent-child account hierarchies to give resellers and dealers visibility into their own deployments and data-usage and to facilitate their own invoicing.

IoT Connect
Flexible Billing Cycles

Flexible Billing Cycles

Bill customers on fixed schedules (monthly, annually) or based on their specific usage, tailoring your model to the needs of your IoT solution.

Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidated Invoicing

Present customers with a single, clear invoice–even if they manage multiple devices–for hassle-free billing and improved customer experience.

Merchant-of-Record Services

Merchant-of-Record Services

Focus on building your IoT solution—Zipit can optionally serve as the merchant of record, taking complete responsibility for customer billing, global taxation, and revenue collection on your behalf.

Case Studies

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dslogowhtII copy
The combination of multi-carrier connectivity management in a single pane of glass, multiple data plan size offerings to minimize cost, customer-led SIM management and automated usage tracking and invoicing has been transformative for us.
Tony Sammarco
Director of Product Technology Strategy Device Solutions
Turnkey Subscription Billing

Start generating recurring revenue from customers in days

With Zipit, you get everything you need to let your end users activate SIMs and pay for subscriptions, all in one place.

IoT Connect
Flexible Plan Creation

Flexible Plan Creation

Design the perfect plans to fit your business, featuring trials, 'Good-Better-Best' tiers, seasonal options, and add-on services that strengthen your relationships with customers and drive revenue.

Easy Customer Management

White Label Checkout Portals

Easily customize the buying experience that your customers interact with to match your brand's visual identity - your logo, brand colors, graphics, workflow and more.

Global Currencies

Sell Globally

Support multiple currencies and languages to power your worldwide IoT expansion plans and reach customers wherever they operate.

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

Keep customers informed about usage, renewals, and important updates, ensuring they remain connected and satisfied.

Case Studies

Thanks to our partnership with Zipit, Bushnell transformed our Trail Camera business by providing cellular subscription service options that enable a dramatically better user experience while generating roughly three times the lifetime profit for each camera.
Jacob Thomason, Product Manager
For IoT Solution Providers

Get Started Quickly. Stay Agile As You Grow.

Embed IoT SIMs into your products and then use Zipit's turnkey subscription billing solution or billing automation capabilities to simplify IoT monetization and maximize profit, without requiring upfront investments to launch feature-rich automated billing. Launch cellular subscription offerings in days instead of months.

As your business grows, easily expand your subscription offerings and support more customers, in more countries around the world - without complicating your operations or losing your core business focus.

Through it all, keep a pulse on your growth drivers by tracking the key performance indicators that matter like data-usage trends, subscription preferences and customer retention metrics.  

Comprehensive APIs
For Wireless Carriers

Help Your OEM Customers
Scale Cellular Deployments Faster

Downstream billing challenges create enormous roadblocks that can impede your customers' cellular deployments. As a strategic partner to many of the global, tier-1 carriers for years, we intimately understand the challenges and have built powerful solutions to address them.

Whether your customers are struggling to keep up with customer invoicing, don't have the resources to build subscription billing software, or are concerned about the tax implications from selling cellular services globally, we can help.    

Accelerated Cellular Deployments


Dive in deeper to some frequently asked questions about Zipit connectivity offerings.

Does Zipit offer a private-branded subscription platform?

Yes, we provide a secure, hosted, white label solution that enables you to offer subscription services and connectivity management to your customers, with customizable checkout pages that match your brand's visual identity. You can learn more about portal customization here.

Can Zipit's subscription platform collect payments around the world in multiple currencies?

Definitely! Our platform enables you to monetize Platform as a Service (PaaS) subscription offerings, bundled with cellular connectivity, around the globe in multiple languages and currencies.

Explore some of our customers' success stories to see some examples.

I'm interested in recurring revenue but concerned about tax implications of selling data globally. How can Zipit help?

As your designated merchant of record, Zipit takes on the task of managing all tax-related obligations - from collection to filing and payment. Our role is to shoulder the burden, empowering you to expand your solutions on a global scale..

We've never billed our customers for data usage. How would we get started with Zipit?

We have more than a decade of experience in monetizing subscription services for hardware companies, and each customer has at least some unique business requirements.
Talk to us about your specific needs to get started.

Can we offer customers both prepaid and post paid subscriptions?

Yes. Subscriptions and billing periods can be customized to fit the unique needs of our customers. In some cases, customers start by offering a predefined term length of 6 months or 1 year, and then automatically switch to a month-to-month model at the end of the initial period. Other customers have started with a prepaid service but also support post paid overages when usage passes the prepaid amount.

No matter the situation, our platform effortlessly manages everything on your behalf.

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We Built It, So You Don't Have To.

Creating a secure, feature-rich IoT subscription billing platform from scratch is not only costly but also difficult to do well. Homemade solutions demand constant updates to manage payments across new markets, integrate fresh carrier plans, adapt to evolving billing periods, and tackle other unavoidable hurdles as your business grows.

Zipit delivers the essential capabilities you need today and anticipates the needs of tomorrow, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Avoid Having to Become Your Own MVNO

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