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Take Control of Your IoT Connectivity

Discover Benefits of Zipit’s
Connectivity Management Platform

Multi-Carrier Management

Easily deploy devices on new carrier networks and in new geographies without going through lengthy contract negotiations or building new platform integrations each time you onboard a new carrier.

Same Interface for IoT and Business Internet Plans

You no longer need to log into 2 or 3 different instances of each carrier platform just to monitor and manage devices on IoT plans or Business Internet/FWA plans. Zipit simplifies the process by bringing it all under one roof. 

Simplify Your Operations through a Self-Service Approach

By enabling customers to claim and activate devices on-demand, you provide a better user experience while also offloading necessary, but tedious, operational tasks that distract from your core business focus.

End-User Subscription Billing on Your Behalf

Add on Zipit's unique billing capabilities to make cellular monetization a breeze. Enable customers to pay for service up-front via credit card to start a subscription and activate the cellular service, all without any intervention on your part.

Enhance Your Own Platform with Our Robust APIs

Get all the benefits of Zipit's technology with added flexibility to customize the user experience in your own software application.

The Platform Trusted by Global Brands

For Operations Teams

Simplify Your Business Processes with
a Unified Management Experience

Are you frequently logging into multiple SIM management platforms to activate and deactivate cellular devices? Or, cross referencing various spreadsheets just to understand your customers' data usage for monthly billing purposes?

Zipit's unified connectivity management platform dramatically simplifies these processes by bringing all carrier management into a single portal. We bring a logical, consistent experience to SIM management functions, consolidate billing information, and make it easy to see each customer's data usage as well as the total data usage across all of your customers, all around the world.  

Accelerated Cellular Deployments
On-Demand Webinar: Multi-Carrier Management for IoT & FWA

In this webinar, you will see a demonstration for normalizing SIM workflows across carriers.

Case Studies

Device Solution
The combination of multi-carrier connectivity management in a single pane of glass, multiple data plan size offerings to minimize cost, customer-led SIM management and automated usage tracking and invoicing has been transformative for us.
Tony Sammarco
Director of Product Technology Strategy Device Solutions
For Technical Teams

Single Pane of Glass or Single API

Tier-1 carriers have unique platforms, all with unique API implementations. Even the carriers that share the same underlying SIM management platform like Control Center each do things differently, and require unique implementations that take time to set up.

With Zipit, you use a single API and we bring the carriers and data to you, with a consistent user experience across all carriers.

Comprehensive APIs


Dive in deeper to some frequently asked questions about Zipit's connectivity management platform.

What kinds of reports are available?

Zipit offers comprehensive reporting on Device Types, Line Counts, Data Usage, and customer associations out-of-the-box to customers today. Do you have other specific reporting requirements? Let's talk.

Are you able to manage/update SIMs & devices in batches?

Absolutely, with Zipit's intuitive, unified management dashboard. From managing a single SIM to overseeing thousands simultaneously, our platform is designed to accommodate your requirements seamlessly.

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What kinds of alerts can you set?

Our platform is versatile enough to accommodate a wide array of scenarios. From usage alerts to modifications in plans, and updates on billing and subscription changes, we've got it all covered. Plus, you have the freedom to design custom alerts tailored specifically to your business needs.

Is there a way to support resellers or multiple customers to log in and manage the connectivity for their own devices?

Yes! The Zipit platform is crafted for flexibility, seamlessly supporting a diverse range of administrative and management functions. This capability shines especially for clients engaged in multifaceted relationships across various entities, including device manufacturers, resellers, and the ultimate consumers.

What is the onboarding time and what are the IT dependencies on our end to onboard?

Zipit's platform was designed to get you to market very quickly. Because we offer a secure, hosted platform, most customers find there's no integration necessary to get started. However, if you want to integrate our capabilities into your platform, we have extensive APIs and multiple ways to quickly facilitate that integration.

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Building Your Own Platform Requires Significant Investment

It's costly to underestimate the complexity of integrating with carriers and building a connectivity management platform from the ground up. A homegrown solution may work fine for one carrier rollout but still needs to be continuously maintained. As you deploy more devices and onboard more carriers, your operations become more complex and you need to bring in more resources just to keep up.

Zipit's multi-carrier connectivity management platform offers the functionality you need to quickly get started today, as well as the features and flexibility to support and simplify your operations as you scale.

Avoid Having to Become Your Own MVNO

Curious About Pricing?

Pricing depends on a few factors specific to your use case, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you an accurate quote. Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you.

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Other Solution Requirements

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