The Correct Answer for School Alert Systems

School districts and educational institutions across the country are growing increasingly aware of the need for a critical school alert system. It could be a stranger on campus. An anonymous security threat. Or snow flurries that explode into an ice storm. Whatever the situation, school authorities need to communicate quickly and securely when informed decision making and action are essential.

The Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ offers a comprehensive school alert system that delivers critical messages in seconds, not minutes. Unlike pagers, this is two-way messaging. Receivers can respond. Plus, message priority levels can help command response in urgent scenarios.

The School Alert System for Leading Educational Institutions


Quick Notification of Lockdowns or Class Cancellations

The Zipit school alert system is perfect for campus alert systems and district-wide notifications. Administrators can send secure messages to individuals or groups as large as 10,000. This could include parents, students or employees. Or all three. And you can do so without requiring them to download the Zipit application.

Whether this is a security alert or a weather update, you simply hit send and 30 seconds later, 10,000 people across your community get the message.

Two-Way School Alert System, On or Off Campus

Zipit school notification systems let administrators and staff alike communicate quickly and efficiently with teams like campus security and maintenance and allows those teams to acknowledge and respond to alerts with the click of a button. What’s more, priority escalation can force a response when communication is crucial, giving you the accountability the situation demands.

The Zipit solution integrates four advanced technologies:

  1. Dedicated Messaging Device – Zipit Now™ TSL redefines rapid response with ultra-reliable communications, including two-way paging, priority messaging and forced message response.
  2. iOS & Android Mobile Apps – Zipit Confirm™ Mobile App offers the same functionality as dedicated Zipit Now TSL, overriding device volume settings* and offering support for multiple roles on BYOD.
  1. Browser-based Communication – With Zipit Web Messenger, seamlessly communicate back and forth with remote teams across an entire facility or off‑site
  2. Cloud-based Administrative Portal – With Zipit RAP™, you can send messages to as many as 10,000 devices, get messaging and delivery updates, and there’s no server to install or maintain.

Zipit RAP, our cloud-based administrative portal, offers almost unlimited archiving and analytics capabilities. All communications and data are recorded and stored on Zipit RAP, giving you the data you need to review performance or streamline operations. And you can rest assured that Zipit RAP is secure, offering limited access and requiring user authentication.

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*Available only on Android and Zipit devices