Zipit Wireless, a US pioneer in connected platform solutions and Atus Systems, a UK provider of paging and lone worker systems based in Hereford, United Kingdom, today announced an exclusive partnership to bring the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ to UK healthcare and enterprise customers.

Zipit’s critical messaging solution has been deployed by over 500 leading healthcare, public safety and other enterprises in the USA. Zipit’s incredibly fast and extremely reliable messaging solution has processed and sent almost 100 million critical messages and consistently delivered those messages, on average, in less than 10 seconds since its initial release in 2011.

Unique to the Zipit platform is the ability to detect device status and enable messages to be automatically escalated and re-routed to other personnel through Zipit’s Smart Message workflow engine.

“Zipit’s patented critical messaging technology uniquely positions us to jointly deliver a reliable, two-way critical communication solution to our healthcare customers and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. The Zipit solution has been proven to resolve key customer pain points typically associated with antiquated pagers and traditional texting and we are pleased to offer this powerful solution to our UK enterprise customers” said, Darren Swindlehurst, Managing Director at Atus Systems.

“Activating clinical care and emergency response teams in a timely manner is not a challenge exclusive to the United States,” said Ralph Heredia, Co-founder and Vice President, Business Development at Zipit Wireless. “Zipit is proud to now be able to address these same challenges in the United Kingdom through this partnership with Atus Systems.”

About Atus Systems

Atus Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atus BV, a personal security and critical communication solutions provider based in The Netherlands and subsidiary of the Chezz Partners Investment Group.

Atus Systems operates on behalf of Atus BV in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Ireland across the whole range of Atus BV products. Atus Systems also independently develops and resources products that have a synergy to the philosophy of personal communication and safety.

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About Zipit Wireless

Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”) is an experienced and innovative provider of critical communication solutions and Internet of Things services that leverage the company’s unique strengths in communication workflows, wireless connectivity and encryption, user-friendly device software and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Zipit’s patented technology and best-in-class solutions have been connecting people and devices since 2004.

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