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Advantages of IoT Connectivity
from Zipit

Global Coverage through Tier-1 Carriers

Global Coverage through Tier-1 Carriers

Avoid the headache of stitching together
a patchwork of carrier agreements. Get global coverage in a fraction of the time with Zipit.

Support High or Low Data Applications

Support High or Low Data Applications

Whether you need 50MB or 300GB and beyond, Zipit has the data plans to support any use case like fleet tracking, digital signage, Business Internet and more.

Support Deployments on Any Network Technology

Support Deployments on Any Network Technology

Does your device support NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G? Have you considered fallback options in the countries you're deploying into?
We can guide you and provide solutions.

Leverage Zipit Buying Power

Leverage Zipit
Buying Power

Thanks to our strategic relationships with leading carriers around the world, it's often more economical to buy through us.

Unlock Multiple Options for Global Coverage

Unlock Multiple Options for Global Coverage

With localized connectivity, global SIM and multi-carrier SIM offerings, we'll help you find the best coverage for your devices and use case, at a price that's fair and helps you scale.

Seamless Management Through a Single Pane

Seamless Management Through a Single Pane

Ditch the cumbersome spreadsheets. Manage all of your connections in one platform with unified reporting across carriers.

Global IoT Connectivity

Authorized Reseller

Leverage Zipit’s direct relationships with carriers for primary or redundant wireless coverage, Global SIMs and everything from NB-IoT to 5G.

Multi-Carrier Platform

Multi-Carrier Platform

Zipit’s single pane of glass platform automates SIM activations and standardizes reporting, to help your business scale faster.

Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions

Leverage our billing automation or subscription billing services to streamline business operations and accelerate ROI.

Zipit is a Unique Connectivity Provider

With a robust portfolio of data plans, a comprehensive management platform, and powerful cellular monetization capabilities, Zipit offers solutions that make a real difference to your business.

Case Studies

Samsung Logo
Zipit technology allows us to provide our customers simple access to the LTE-M network and enables our Customer Service team to deliver efficient Customer Support.
SK Kim, Senior Director IOT Product Marketing
Samsung Electronics America
For Business Teams

A Streamlined Solution for
Accelerated Cellular Deployments

Launch your connected solutions around the world, without complicating your business operations. Whether you need to complement existing carrier relationships or are buying cellular services for the first time, Zipit is your single source for multi-carrier connectivity.

Accelerated Cellular Deployments

Comprehensive APIs to Integrate in Your Own Platform

Use our APIs and webhooks to easily incorporate Zipit connectivity management and billing capabilities into your own applications.

Comprehensive APIs


Dive in deeper to some frequently asked questions about Zipit's connectivity offerings

Does Zipit support pooling of devices?

Data pooling is supported, which allows you to achieve the lowest cost by ensuring efficient allocation of data.

Can you provide private networking, static IP and access control services?

Yes, Zipit has several solutions to address these requirements. Contact our Sales team to learn how we can help you.

What is the difference between on-net and roaming SIMs?

Roaming SIMs leverage a given carrier's roaming agreements to hop onto other carriers' networks in different geographies where the primary carrier doesn't have a physical infrastructure presence.

On-net refers to in-region or a local carrier's network. A local or "on-net" SIM is one that is authorized to connect to a carrier's network without the need for roaming agreements. Many carriers around the world put restrictions on some roaming SIMs to prevent unintended and unauthorized use.

As a multi-carrier provider with many direct carrier relationships, Zipit can be a single source for customers looking for authorized roaming SIMs as well as local SIMs for their IoT and FWA applications. Read more here.

Does Zipit offer multi-carrier SIMs with auto switching?

Yes, in fact, Zipit has direct relationships with multiple Tier 1 carriers around the world. Thanks to these strategic relationships, the carrier SIMs Zipit has access to provide Zipit customers a powerful level of redundancy, to safeguard coverage in the event of any disruption at a single carrier network.

What SIM form factors do you offer?

Zipit offers a wide selection of SIMs in both Consumer and Industrial-grade specifications with the following form factors 2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2 (embedded).

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Avoid Having to Become Your Own MVNO

Negotiating contracts and managing carriers around the world requires significant time and investment, and most companies can’t afford to draw their teams' focus from their core operations.

This is where Zipit comes in. With access to the same plans as carrier-direct, you will have all of the benefits without the long contract negotiations. Plus, our unified dashboard provides you with a seamless SIM management experience without requiring you to build your own connections into every new carrier platform as you scale your business.

With Zipit, you can accelerate your time to market without making compromises that could impact your operations.

Avoid Having to Become Your Own MVNO

Curious About Pricing?

Pricing depends on a few factors specific to your use case, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you an accurate quote. Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you.

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