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Proper use of our Trademarks The “Z” logo, and Zipit are registered trademarks, and Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution, Zipit Now, Zipit Confirm and Zipit RAP are trademarks of Zipit Wireless, Inc.

Refer to our Branding Guidelines page for complete branding guidelines and taglines.

  • Our critical communications solution is known as the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™
  • The official name of our device that is part of the solution is: Zipit® Now™
  • The official name of our remote admin console is: Zipit® RAP™
  • The official name of our mobile application for smartphones and tablets is: Zipit® Confirm™

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • It is ok to call it the Zipit solution, or Zipit critical messaging solution.
  • It is NOT ok to call it the Zipit Now solution or Zipit Now messaging solution.

Download the Zipit logo:

Download the Zipit Partner/Customer logo:

For full guidelines around the usage of different logo versions, please refer to our Branding Guidelines documentation.

You can find other legal information pertaining to our company, products and services below.

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Zipit Confirm Privacy Policy

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Zipit Wireless products and/or technologies are covered by various U.S. and/or foreign patents. Additionally, several U.S. and/or foreign patent applications are pending.

These patents include:

  • US7,292,870
  • US7,894,837
  • US8,086,678
  • US8,190,694
  • US8,775,537
  • US9,131,356
  • US9,565,538
  • US9,936,387
  • EP1747619 (A4)
  • EP1747619 (A2)
  • EP1747619 (B1)
  • AUS2005251096
  • AUS2009251161
  • JP5031556

Other patents are pending.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us through our General Inquiries Webform.