DULLES, VA (PRNewswire) NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Carpathia, a trusted provider of compliant hybrid cloud and managed hosting services, today announced that Zipit Wireless (Zipit®), a provider of critical communication solutions and IoT services has chosen Carpathia to support Zipit’s critical messaging business expansion into the Government marketplace.DULLES, VA (PRNewswire) NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Zipit Wireless, through their unique Zipit Now™ TS device and Zipit Confirm™ mobile application for iOS and Android based devices, offers fast and reliable two-way enterprise critical messaging and secure texting.DULLES, VA (PRNewswire) NOVEMBER 19, 2015

With a track record of nationwide success in the healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing industries, Zipit’s patented solution is now being utilized in the government market where fast, reliable, confidential two-way messaging is essential for critical communications.DULLES, VA (PRNewswire) NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Under terms of the cloud-enabled managed hosting agreement, Zipit Wireless has deployed its production environment on VMware vCloud® Government Service provided by Carpathia™, a FedRAMP compliant hybrid cloud service built on the award-winning VMware vSphere® platform used in many federal data centers across all branches of government.

Zipit Wireless evaluated and chose vCloud Government Service based on the combined strengths of VMware’s leading virtualization suite of products and Carpathia’s highly compliant cloud platform and experience delivering cloud solutions to Federal Government customers.

“Zipit’s success is based on our ability to address key customer requirements in life sciences and healthcare, and now we can do the same for Federal agencies who require FedRAMP compliant IT environments,” said Ralph Heredia, Co-Founder of Zipit Wireless. “We worked closely with Carpathia and their high-touch customer support team to quickly move our production environment onto the compliant platform which accelerated our ability to deliver solutions to government market customers.”

“Zipit Wireless exemplifies a new breed of forward-thinking businesses who leverage FedRAMP compliant cloud compute platforms to shorten time to market and simplify the compliance process,” said Peter Weber, Chief Product Officer for QTS. “We are proud to offer VMware vCloud® Government Service – the most efficient and compliant IT infrastructure platform for reducing costs and increasing time-to-value of cloud IT infrastructure solutions in the Government marketplace.”

QTS acquired Carpathia in June 2015 and the combined company has oriented its business model around delivering IT infrastructure solutions that meet and exceed commercial, federal civilian, military, and Intelligence Community compliance mandates. With the addition of Carpathia, QTS now holds a number of certifications and accreditations across multiple federal agencies and programs and has achieved more than 50 Authorizations to Operate (ATO).

About Zipit Wireless

Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”) is an experienced and innovative provider of critical communication solutions and Internet of Things services that leverage the company’s unique strengths in communication workflows, wireless connectivity and encryption, user-friendly device software, and secure cloud-based infrastructure. Zipit’s patented technology and best-in-class solutions have been connecting people and devices since 2004. For more information on Zipit and our solutions, please visit www.zipitwireless.com. The “Z” logo and Zipit are registered trademarks of Zipit Wireless, Inc.

About Carpathia – A QTS Company

Carpathia is a leading provider of trusted hybrid cloud and managed hosting services, providing secure, reliable and compliant IT infrastructure and management for some of the world’s most demanding enterprises and federal agencies. As part of QTS Realty Trust (NYSE:QTS) Carpathia’s colocation and compliant cloud platform strengthens QTS’ existing, fully integrated real estate and technology services platform, known as QTS’ 3C’s: custom data center (C1), colocation (C2) and cloud and managed services (C3). QTS and Carpathia share a common vision for providing the highest levels of customer collaboration and support. Backed by a consultative services approach that is unmatched in the industry, QTS and Carpathia are highly focused on high-touch 24×7 global support ensuring optimum performance and reliability for over 1,000 customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Contact Carpathia at 1.888.200.9494, or visit www.carpathia.com for more information.

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