GREENVILLE, SC (PRNewswire) OCTOBER 14, 2015

Zipit Wireless, a provider of critical communication solutions, today announced the issue by the US Patent Office of a patent covering the mobile technology used in its Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™, which is currently in use in hundreds of healthcare, emergency services, manufacturing, government, and other enterprise organizations throughout the U.S. The patent details specific features that enable users to distinguish between critical, often time-sensitive messages and simple text messages.

The device patent, no. 9,131,356 – System and Method for Administration and Operation of One or More Mobile Electronic Communications Devices, covers technology for prioritizing messages sent to a device, changing the behavior of the device, such as changing the display and sound based on a specific message priority level, support for pre-defined multiple choice message responses, and enabling messages to be deleted remotely or automatically from mobile electronic communications devices such as the dedicated Zipit Now™ devices or smartphones and tablets running an application like the Zipit Confirm™ mobile application. The entire patent includes 16 claims.

“The features covered by this patent enable us to continue to confidently support our customers’ communication needs, especially those revolving around safety of life or other critical events, when quick decisions need to be made and seconds matter,” said Frank Greer, CEO of Zipit Wireless. “Zipit places a high priority on developing and protecting this technology.”

Patent 9,131,356 is the ninth patent received by Zipit. Zipit patents also cover IoT products utilizing Zipit technologies that have been brought to market by nationally recognized third-party brands.

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