Modjoul’s sensor-equipped SmartBelt Activity Tracker leverages Zipit’s Internet of Things (IoT) device management technologies to support customers in various industries.


Zipit, an Internet of Things (IoT) value-added services provider, today announced the company’s partnership with Modjoul Inc. in support of Modjoul’s SmartBelt workplace safety solution.

Modjoul’s sensor-equipped SmartBelt Activity Tracker provides insights on employee movements in work environments to measure workplace safety and identify risky behaviors that could lead to safety incidents. The company’s product has already garnered attention for its unique ability to capture an employee’s location, motion, and environment along with a wide variety of workplace motions such as walking, sitting, bending, twisting, falling, aggressive indoor and outdoor driving behaviors, geo-fencing, and more.

Modjoul is utilizing Zipit’s IoT device management technologies to seamlessly provision devices for cloud and Wi-Fi access and to manage secure over-the-air software updates to the solution. These capabilities have helped to accelerate Modjoul’s ability to migrate the SmartBelt Activity Tracker solution to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from a previous cloud vendor.

As Modjoul continues to find success in the enterprise market, the use of Zipit’s technologies will further enable Modjoul to provide the unique device management credentials to support the deployment of SmartBelts to clients in various industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, retail and transportation.

“Many workplace injuries occur as a result of repetitive, risky movements and Modjoul is focused on providing a solution that can help customers identify those movements and make corrections earlier,” said Eric Martinez, CEO of Modjoul. “Zipit’s technology and expertise enables us to streamline the SmartBelt’s deployments in the field.”

“Zipit is proud to support Modjoul as they grow their business in the enterprise,” said Frank Greer, CEO of Zipit. “We see great potential for dramatic safety improvement in the workplace thanks to Modjoul’s technology.”

About Modjoul

Modjoul is a data invention and modeling company located in Clemson, South Carolina. Founded in 2016, Modjoul is committed to keeping employees safe and productive by empowering them through data analytics. Modjoul has been featured in Forbes, Rough Notes, Business Insurance, Brink, and Upstate Business Journal for its innovative approach to workplace safety. Visit to learn more and keep up with the latest Modjoul news.

About Zipit

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