Zipit teams up with AWS to help OEMs accelerate development of subscription-based IoT solutions


Zipit, an Internet of Things (IoT) value-added services provider, today announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) to accelerate OEM customers’ ability to efficiently get IoT solutions to market and build recurring revenue business models.

As a member of the APN, Zipit builds on top of AWS IoT services through the utilization of the Zipit IoT Value-Added Services Suite. In addition, Zipit provides design consulting and operations services to help OEMs optimize their cloud-based IoT strategy, fills in gaps in their solution offering and ensures that their business objectives are being met.

The Zipit IoT Value-Added Services Suite includes:

Zipit IoT Connect – Global connectivity services including data procurement & business support

Zipit IoT Device Manager – Enabling companies to securely provision, monitor and manage their IoT devices

Zipit IoT Billing Manager – A flexible billing platform to help OEMs support enterprise or consumer IoT solutions

Zipit IoT Administrator – A single source for companies to oversee IoT deployments and provide ongoing customer support

“Zipit joining the AWS Partner Network builds upon an existing relationship,” said Frank Greer, CEO of Zipit. “We are committed to providing comprehensive cloud services and IoT value-added services that will give OEM customers a reliable, efficient way to bring subscription-based IoT solutions to market.”

About Zipit

Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”), a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), helps connected device OEMs deliver secure IoT solutions quickly and efficiently.

Through a suite of IoT Value-Added Services, Zipit can provide secure device connectivity anywhere in the world, as well as the ongoing device management, billing and support capabilities necessary to capitalize on highly sought-after subscription-based IoT business models.

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