The innovative technologies in Zipit’s IoT Platform provide added value to customers in a variety of wireless applications.

GREENVILLE, SC (PRNewswire) MAY 11, 2017

Zipit Wireless, a provider of business & technology solutions for the Internet of Things, today announced the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent covering the remote device management technologies that are an integral part of Zipit’s IoT Platform. In addition, Zipit’s cloud-based enterprise messaging solution applies these technologies in order to help organizations like Bon Secours Health System, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Eli Lilly manage their mobile devices and communications. The recently issued Zipit patent covers a server infrastructure used to manage authentication, control and communication with mobile devices.

The patent, no. 9,565,538 – System and Method for Administration and Operation of One or More Mobile Electronic Communications Devices, is the fifth patent issued to Zipit related to the company’s remote wireless device management technologies.

The protected technologies in this patent include, but are not limited to:

  • Server infrastructure sending audible alarm commands to mobile devices
  • Commands that specify alarm behaviors, such as automatically adjusting volume levels based on location
  • Authentication and control of devices to enable device users to seamlessly switch from one device to another
  • Sending location information to devices – so devices can connect to specified wireless networks within specific locations
  • Remotely disable a wireless connection based on a specific location
  • Sending a group message to one or more users and recording responses from those users in a database archive

US Patent No. 9,565,538 includes 14 claims and is the 10th overall patent received by Zipit.

“Zipit has a tradition of developing advanced technologies in the wireless field, starting with our earliest products and continuing today. It is why industry-leading organizations have partnered with and trusted Zipit for over a decade when deploying Internet-enabled solutions,” said Frank Greer, CEO of Zipit Wireless. “The technologies covered in this patent are utilized to make smarter IoT solutions that are contextually aware and offer improved security and usability. For example, these technologies enable medical devices to apply context sensitivity to mitigate alarm fatigue or, conversely, change alarm behavior to ensure that important situations are addressed immediately. Now that more devices are becoming connected, the next stage of the Internet of Things will be focused on ensuring security, providing control over device behavior, and applying the right context to important data. We believe Zipit is well-positioned to lead these efforts going forward.”

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Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”) provides business and technology solutions for the Internet of Things that leverage the company’s proven Internet connectivity & cloud-based device management platform, deep expertise in connected ecosystems, and managed cloud operations. Zipit enables companies to offload the complexities of developing and supporting Internet-enabled offerings, gain competitive advantages, obtain product insights through business analytics, and improve experiences for end-users. For a full list of patented technologies, please visit our Legal page.

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