A Winning Combination.

IoT Cloud Platforms

IoT Cloud Platforms

  • Highly Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
  • Reasonable Usage-based Cost Model
  • End-to-end SSL Authentication and Encryption
  • Standards-based MQTT Protocol
  • Support for Intermittent Device Connectivity
  • Support for Multiple APIs

Device Management

  • IoT Device Authentication
  • IoT Device Configuration & Monitoring
  • Firmware Management Services
  • Worldwide Carrier Services
  • Expert Consultation & Development
  • Ongoing Operations & Support

The Result? Faster, Cheaper, More Secure IoT.

Expert IoT Consultation & Software Development

We work with you to understand your business needs and to identify the best way for you to take full advantage of this new connected world. Then we provide as much (or as little) help as you require to maximize the return on your IoT investment.

AWS IoT Consulting

Ongoing Management & Support

Zipit has been helping organizations operate and manage IoT deployments for over a decade.
If you would like for us to assist you, we’re happy to help.

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