We are a team of problem solvers, strategists, connectivity engineers and communications experts that help companies connect with their associates and end users when it matters most. For the last decade, Zipit has developed best-in-class, network-connected devices that are remotely managed through cloud-based web portals or mobile apps. Our team has deep domain expertise in Internet of Things devices, cloud and application architectures – enabling us to approach IoT development and deployment from a holistic point of view.

The journey started with our Zipit Wireless Messenger™ in 2004, which received rave reviews by The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. And it continues today with our Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ and our partnered IoT solutions in healthcare, surveillance and so much more.

Our business segments include Critical Communications and Internet of Things (IoT) Services. In addition, Zipit has key IP and skill sets in securing, supporting and managing IoT devices – from initial activation until secure decommission.

Critical Communications

Our Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ was purposefully designed to replace antiquated and inferior paging systems, as well as to provide a much more reliable, accountable, two-way critical messaging solution for enterprises.

Our customers include hospitals, ambulance service providers, hotels, schools, manufacturers, utilities, government agencies and customers in many other industries. Our solution helps organizations eliminate the frustrations and headaches they experience with their out-of-date, one-way communications systems, and we help eliminate their legal and financial risks associated with communicating over systems that aren’t secure.

IoT (Internet of Things) Services

Since 2004, Zipit’s IoT business has provided wireless connectivity and Internet-enabled services to a diverse set of industries and IoT applications. Our services help businesses connect, manage and monetize their IoT solutions.

Our software and services can be found in consumer electronics products, industrial HVAC and refrigeration solutions, commercial irrigation systems, medication delivery devices and much more.