IoT Consultation & Operation Services

Helping OEMs launch IoT solutions faster and to secure and manage their deployments.

Do You Need Help with IoT Development?

Put 10+ Years of Experience to Work for You.

Zipit has been helping international brands maximize the value of connecting their products to the cloud for over a decade.

We offer consultation services to help guide and refine your concept and we provide custom software development for server and mobile applications that starts with our platform and transforms it into a solution that meets your specific business needs. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we can provide valuable help in optimizing your cloud infrastructure to support your IoT business rollout.

AWS IoT Consulting
Expert IoT Consultation

Our IoT Consultation Specialties & Value-Add include:

  • Cellular Data Procurement
  • IoT Backend Setup & Configuration
  • Domestic & International Wireless Billing
  • IoT Application Development
  • Advanced Understanding of Enterprise IoT Requirements
  • A Network of IoT Manufacturers & Technology Partners

If you need help securing your IoT devices, connecting solutions to the cloud or getting the best deal on cellular connectivity, get in touch with us.

“Zipit was the right partner to work with on our first wireless trail camera and we continue to use them throughout the development of our new wireless products so we can deliver the unparalleled customer experiences Bushnell is known for. ”

Product Manager
Bushnell Outdoor Products

Does Your Team Want Ongoing Support?

We Can Take Care of the Nitty-Gritty Technical Details.

Zipit can provide managed IoT operations services to help our OEM clients keep their solutions up and running smoothly.

Utilize one or many of our services:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
  • Wireless Connectivity Management – Including data procurement, device activations and deactivations
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates and Software Management
  • Data Collection & Business Intelligence
Zipit IoT Operations Services

We can be as hands-on as you need us to be, to ensure your IoT business launches and grows smoothly. If you would like our team to help you manage your IoT solutions, let us know.

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Check out our Value-Added Services for Subscription IoT Businesses.

Zipit provides enterprise-proven IoT capabilities – as standalone services or bundled together. Select one to learn more.

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