Creating the First Wirelessly Managed IoT Trail Cameras

Bushnell is the market leader in trail cameras. They’re known for developing rugged devices that give hunters crystal-clear images and video.

The Challenge

There are dozens of trail cameras on the market, so competition is fierce. Bushnell needed a differentiator, and they found one. Bushnell’s traditional devices required the owner to go to their camera to retrieve pictures. And more often than not, those cameras were deep into the woods.

Bushnell thought: What if the user could access their photos remotely? The idea of an IoT trail camera could revolutionize the industry; however Bushnell is an expert in optics, not connectivity.

The Solution

Bushnell came to Zipit (through our partnership with AT&T) to raise the bar in the trail camera market. We assisted Bushnell from the development stage all the way to the support stage. This is the unique value Zipit can bring to IoT. Here are steps we took to help Bushnell’s IoT camera come to life:

  1. Understood their goals and refined their product concept to make it a best-in-class solution—with an intuitive setup process and headache-free user experience down to the end user billing
  2. Connected IoT cameras to the AT&T wireless network and enabled simple device activation and remote management
  3. Provided the cloud-based infrastructure needed to reliably host, scale, secure and monitor Bushnell’s connected environment on the customer- and business-facing sides
  4. Implemented the communications services that enabled the IoT camera to send a text notification or email to an end user about battery life, service outages and monthly data plan expirations
  5. Developed a dedicated support web portal so Bushnell can remotely manage cameras and support customers
  6. Provide ongoing support for Bushnell, including developing detailed usage reports so Bushnell can easily manage their rapidly expanding business

The Result

“The Zipit IoT cloud platform enables a best-in-class consumer experience that places the Trophy Cam HD Wireless in a category all by itself. Zipit was the right partner to work with on our first wireless trail camera and we continue to use them throughout the development of our new wireless products—so we can deliver the unparalleled customer experiences that Bushnell is known for.”

Product Manager
Bushnell Outdoor Products

Zipit’s comprehensive IoT strategy empowered Bushnell to bring these award-winning IoT cameras (Field & Stream Best of the Best, Optics Planet Brilliance Award) to market while focusing on what they do best—creating, distributing and marketing premier outdoor products.

Bushnell’s cameras can even automatically send thumbnails to a user’s mobile device and send alerts when battery life is low, GPS location has changed or the memory card is full.

Zipit’s enterprise-grade platform enables a best-in-class IoT camera whose results speak for themselves…Zipit now helps Bushnell manage millions of photos in the cloud.

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