Connectivity is in our DNA.

Since our founding, Zipit has been known as a connector – of people and devices. From our early years until today, our objectives have been clear: enable groundbreaking digital experiences, deliver reliable products, and give our customers peace of mind that Zipit solutions are purposefully designed to be secure.

Powering Business Transformations

We help businesses do more than just develop Internet-connected products. The organizations we work with have goals in mind for their IoT initiatives – whether that is totally rethinking Out-of-Box experiences, finding opportunities for recurring, service-based revenue, or making processes insanely more efficient.

Our team takes the time to thoroughly understand your specific challenges and opportunities to ensure you quickly obtain business results from your IoT investment. Then, we help you transform your business.

We typically help develop solutions for:


Remote Monitoring/

Digital Health_Wearable

Digital Health/

IoT Device Authentication & Security icon

IoT Security & Authentication


Cloud-Based Communications/Messaging


Enterprise IoT Applications

IoT Device Analytics

Business Optimization via Analytics

IoT Device Management Platform

Our Internet connectivity and device management platform serves as the starting point for building secure, cellular or Wi-Fi-based IoT applications.

Trusted IoT Security

Our technology and solutions have been vetted by some of the most demanding organizations in the world, including the Department of Defense, the FDA, and many of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the US.

With Zipit, you can be sure you’ve got a partner that is well-versed in the IoT development/design techniques to keep you, your customers, and your data, safe.

Gain a Competitive Edge.

Sure, many companies are developing digital strategies around connected products and services, but are they doing it well? Do they understand how IoT will shift their business model, or how their relationships with customers will change?

We help our clients get the most out of connectivity and empower them to be the leaders in their industry.

Collaborating with Verizon

Some of Our Customers:

American Medical Response

Stay Connected – Anywhere.

We have strategic partnerships with the world’s leading cellular carriers, meaning Zipit-enabled IoT solutions are designed to work reliably, whenever and wherever you need them to.

Complete Solutions for Connected Products

If you need a technology partner that can help you accelerate IoT product development, maximize the value of Internet connectivity, and keep your connected solutions running smoothly, contact us today.