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Get IoT SIMs from the Top-Tier Carriers

Zipit is an authorized reseller for many of the world's top cellular carriers, with a long history of helping companies deliver IoT solutions.

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Note: Zipit provides SIMs and services exclusively for IoT business applications, and does not offer direct consumer plans.

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IoT Optimized for Cost-Effectiveness & Reliability.

IoT applications require unique solutions to make business models effective. Zipit can help you get the right SIMs you need, on the right network, to fit your use case.

What We Offer

SIM Cards & Data Plans

Buy SIM cards & IoT-optimized data plans from the top tier cellular networks.

Multi-Carrier Connectivity

Activate devices on numerous networks around the world using a single, powerful platform.

SIM Management

SIM & rate plan management services help ensure that you maximize the value you receive while mitigating overages.

Operational Simplicity

Securely onboard new customers in different geographies without complicating your internal operations.

Path to Recurring Revenue

Interested in monetizing your services? Leverage our end-user billing engine.

Device Analytics & BI

Web-based access to IoT back end systems, enabling better customer support and business oversight.

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Trusted Partner to Leading Carriers

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Expert IoT Advisory

Let's accelerate your time to market.

For more than a decade, Zipit has helped customers overcome the challenges that often come with bringing IoT solutions to market.  Let us know how we can help you.