Subscription Management

Whether you want to offer cellular data plans to your customers or charge for monthly access to your IoT software platform, Zipit can help you monetize your IoT platform as a service offerings.

Not sure what model is best for your business? We can help you figure it out.

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Subscription Management for IoT Services

Monetize Any Part of Your IoT Solution.

With Zipit's subscription management platform, you can now collect revenue on IoT software and services. 

In thIn the world of the Internet of Things, business models can be as varied as business cases. Unlock more business model flexibility by harnessing the unique monetization opportunities that IoT solutions afford.

By using our platform, you gain access to a proven solution for creating, managing and supporting IoT subscription offerings anywhere in the world.

Offer Trial Periods to Attract Subscribers

Create seamless experiences that entice more customers to try your products and build brand loyalty.

Create Subscription Plans and Add-On Services

Easily experiment with Good-Better-Best plans to discover which offerings are most compelling for your customers.

Notify Customers of Upcoming Renewals 

Create notification rules that automatically trigger when trials or billing periods are coming to an end.

"BrightSign wanted to be able to offer subscription services around the world, without overwhelming our operations teams... Zipit's robust platform, expertise in subscription offerings, and integrations with our carrier provider gave us the confidence we needed to move forward."

Bryan Kennedy, VP Business Development at BrightSign


Subscription Enablement

Launch subscription offerings faster

Our platform enables you to associate payment status with SIM activation status, giving you full control over your connectivity and transforming cellular connectivity from a cost of doing business into a powerful recurring revenue stream. Additionally, you can activate, suspend or cancel subscription plans around your software platforms and other non-cellular services. 

So, when customer payment stops, data consumption and other subscriptions stop. It's that simple.

Cellular Subscriptions Platform

Subscription Plan Management

Effortlessly create the subscription plans you need

Give subscribers the flexibility to choose the bundles and subscription plans that best fit their needs. Then, easily measure the performance of your different plans, and make adjustments to your offerings as needed, all using Zipit's platform. 

Cellular Subscription Plans

Customer Billing Services

Our superpower is billing on your behalf

Are you interested in monetizing your IoT solutions but unsure of managing it all yourself?

Zipit can serve as your merchant of record and take on the primary responsibility of billing customers and collecting taxes, so you can immediately see recurring revenue without setting up new business processes. 

Customer Billing On Your Behalf

Zipit: The One-Stop Shop for IoT Subscriptions

Monetize Your Platform and Carrier Connectivity

Your cellular IoT device communicates with a back end cloud platform. Zipit can help you monetize your Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) separately or alongside the data services in the same subscription plan, and on a single bill.

Tie Payments to SIM Management 

With Zipit's platform, you have complete control over your connectivity and can directly tie it to payment status. Sell prepaid data packages and allow your customers to upgrade or top-off when they're about to reach their data threshold.

Allow Customers to Change Plans on Demand

Give your subscribers the self-service tools they need to select, manage, and upgrade their subscription plans whenever they wish. Need to offer seasonal plans? No problem.

Automatically Convert Billing Cycles

Enable your customers to commit to an initial billing period and then give them the flexibility to change it later. Want to convert subscribers to a monthly billing cycle after the first year? Our platform can make it happen seamlessly.

Taxation Made Simple and Convenient For You

Determining what is taxable in a given region, doing tax calculations and collecting the appropriate taxes can be time-consuming. Zipit can manage all of this for you.

Get IoT Connectivity and Subscription Insights

With Zipit, you get actionable insights on cellular data consumption, most popular plans, gross margin, subscription churn and more to help you better operate your IoT business.

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White Label Payment Portals

Branded Payment Portals

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Billing and Invoicing

Recurring Billing

Set custom billing periods, consolidate bills for customers and let Zipit oversee collecting and filing subscription-related taxes.

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Subscription Metrics

Subscriber Analytics and Reports

Get key insights into how many of your devices are active, average data consumption, customer churn rates and more.

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