Recurring Billing

Subscription billing can be complicated to figure out, and even more so when adding cellular connectivity into the equation. Zipit's platform was designed from the ground up to make subscription billing a breeze, whether you charge customers on a fixed recurring basis or based on their cellular data usage.

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Recurring Billing for IoT Services

Flexible Billing Models that Fit Your IoT Business.

Bill your customers at monthly, annual, or seasonal intervals - or even based on metrics like cellular data usage. Start billing periods on a specific date or the day the customer activated their device, it's up to you.

Using Zipit's platform, you can build the billing model that best fits your IoT use case. 

Fixed Recurring Billing

Charge your customers on a monthly basis, annually, or anything in between.

Usage-Based Billing

Charge customers based on the amount of cellular data they consume in a given billing period.

Optional Activation Charges 

Do you want to charge customers for an initial device activation? We can help.


"Hunter needed a reliable partner to manage the activation, billing and administration of cellular services for our customers around the world and found Zipit to be the solution we were looking for."

Dave Shoup, Product Manager at Hunter Industries


Consolidated Billing

Your customers get a single, straightforward bill no matter how many devices they deploy

We understand that customers with multiple IoT devices typically do not activate them all at the same time. So, as your customers expand their business with you, our platform automatically prorates charges and consolidates their bills.

The result? More streamlined billing operations and a dramatically improved customer experience.  

Consolidated Recurring Billing

Foreign Currency Handling

Accept currencies your customers use around the world

Zipit's recurring billing platform was designed to support multiple currencies and languages, making it easier for growing companies to roll out cellular IoT solutions and subscription services on a global scale. 

Global Currencies

Automatic Billing Notifications

Notify customers about data plan limits, subscription renewals or credit card events  

Let your customers know about important usage and subscription events automatically, and then give them the self-service tools to renew their subscriptions, change plans, and more.

No more account management headaches. No more operational complexity.

Recurring Billing Notifications

Zipit: The One-Stop Shop for IoT Subscriptions

Monetize Your Platform and Carrier Connectivity

Your cellular IoT device communicates with a back end cloud platform. Zipit can help you monetize your Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) separately or alongside the data services in the same subscription plan, and on a single bill.

Tie Payments to SIM Management 

With Zipit's platform, you have complete control over your connectivity and can directly tie it to payment status. Sell prepaid data packages and allow your customers to upgrade or top-off when they're about to reach their data threshold.

Allow Customers to Change Plans On Demand

Give your subscribers the self-service tools they need to select, manage, and upgrade their subscription plans whenever they wish. Need to offer seasonal plans? No problem.

Automatically Convert Billing Cycles

Enable your customers to commit to an initial billing period and then give them the flexibility to change it later. Want to convert subscribers to a monthly billing cycle after the first year? Our platform can make it happen seamlessly. 

Taxation Made Simple and Convenient for You

Determining what is taxable in a given region, doing tax calculations and collecting the appropriate taxes can be time-consuming. Zipit can manage all of this for you.

Get IoT Connectivity and Subscription Insights

With Zipit, you get actionable insights on cellular data consumption, most popular plans, gross margin, subscription churn and more to help you better operate your IoT business.

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