The Power of a Complete IoT Solution

For your product idea to offer a best-in-class consumer experience, it takes more than simply making it “Internet-ready.” See how
Zipit Wireless can help your product reach its full potential by maximizing the power and possibilities of the Internet of Things—from product creation to bandwidth procurement to out‑of‑box consultation.

Zipit IoT Platform

We can configure your product with proven APIs so your product can go to market with speed and efficiency. We can help connect your product seamlessly to a wireless carrier and to our cloud infrastructure; ensure the proper security, availability and scalability; and give you complete control from web portals and smartphone apps.

  • Device Connectivity API
  • Carrier Connectivity
  • Cloud infrastructure setup and configuration
  • Extensive security technology including HIPAA/FedRAMP/FIPS
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Management and control
  • Web consoles and smartphone apps
  • Messaging and alerts
  • 3rd party integration

IoT Innovation Services

Without an amazing end user experience, your IoT solution may fail to engage customers. Zipit has years of experience creating our own products and those for our clients, so we can help connect you to your end users. And as your idea takes shape, we can develop custom server and app software to bring your idea to life.

  • Out-of-box development and expert consultation
  • Custom server app development
  • Custom software development
  • Guidance on security and compliance

Managed Operations Services

Get a behind-the-scenes operations team that handles all back-end services for a seamless, pain-free solution. Zipit supplies completely managed IoT operations services, from new product activation and authentication to infrastructure management to end-user billing and monthly reporting. We seamlessly scale your operations as your business grows.

  • Infrastructure management 24/7
  • Bandwidth procurement and analysis
  • New device activation and authentication
  • Monthly financial, performance and technical reports

If you want your product idea to come to life, grow and possibly change the world, you need to tap into the full potential and promise of IoT. Zipit Wireless has the experience to help you make it happen.

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