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Simplified IoT Development Begins Here.

Zipit has partnered with leading IoT design engineering firm, Connected Development and IoT device platform provider, Kopis, to offer a comprehensive IoT Reference Platform that allows customers with size, power or cost constrained applications accelerate time to market.

The platform includes a pre-certified, detailed reference design and an array of proven and pre-tested cloud service SDKs, drivers and sensors to set your next IoT device deployment up for success.

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Solving the Top Challenges that IoT Developers Face.

IoT solutions are a combination of hardware, software and connectivity. By combining the expertise and capabilities of three established brands in IoT, we've delivered the starting point for a scalable, cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution - all in one place.  

Reference Design, Cloud Service SDKs & Cellular Connectivity.

A powerful combination of pre-tested hardware and software building blocks allow you to rapidly prototype and test your unique application while benefiting from a cost-effective and seamless transition to volume manufacturing.  

  • Trusted Hardware & Scalable Designs from Connected Development
  • A Sophisticated, Enterprise-Ready Software Platform from Kopis
  • Out-of-the-Box Support for Cellular Connectivity from Zipit
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1. Start with the right IoT sensors, cellular modems and designs in order to scale sooner.

You don't want to be forced to replace components at manufacturing time because you didn't plan ahead. Those are expensive mistakes you will pay for later. With our platform, you'll know you are prepared to scale from the beginning. 

2. Don't try to create a cloud infrastructure with sophisticated device management from scratch.

Building IoT back-end systems is usually difficult, but don't worry - we've done this plenty of times before. By using our platform, you get access to a fully built-out software infrastructure that's secure and ready to be deployed at scale.

3. Launch faster by leveraging direct connections to the world's largest cellular network providers.

Setting up new cellular agreements and integrating with carrier platforms takes months of uninterrupted work. Why not save the investment in resources by using a turnkey connectivity solution to get IoT devices connected to cellular networks everywhere?

Simplify Your IoT Development Today.

Get your IoT devices to the prototype and production stages faster than ever.

Applying decades of expertise in wireless M2M & IoT development, we are able to offer a comprehensive package of pre-certified and tested 3rd party components and proven design services that help bring IoT concepts into reality quickly and painlessly.

Connected Development Reference Platform

Get your entire cloud infrastructure and IoT application spun up in weeks, not months.

With pre-configured GPS Tracking Applications, over-the-air (OTA) firmware management frameworks, and an experienced team providing additional managed services support as necessary, we can dramatically accelerate your time to market. 

Kopis Portal

Get your devices connected to the leading wireless carriers - just choose the plans you want. It's that easy.

Use an off-the-shelf IoT connectivity solution to start activating devices on the right networks and in the right countries for your IoT application.

Zipit IoT Platform

IoT Reference Platform Benefits:


IoT reference design is FCC and cellular certified to ease and accelerate final certification processes.


Proven and pre-tested IoT software building blocks and pre-tested connectivity with leading cloud services.

Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate time to market by utilizing the same components and software that will go into a volume production build.

Fully Customizable

Form factor, sensors, platform UI/UX and more can be customized to meet the needs of your unique IoT application.

Low Power IoT Design

Ultra-low-power consumption design to support more IoT use cases.

Built-In Security

Software and hardware IoT security is designed into the core platform from the start.

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