The World’s First Wi-Fi Mobile Internet Device

The year was 2006. The Tesla Roadster was introduced. Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth’s record. And Justin Timberlake got his sexy back. Also, Sony led innovation with Internet of Things devices, by creating one of the world’s first portable instant messaging and Internet-based communications systems with the help of Yahoo and Zipit.

The Problem

Sony wanted to bring to market a new class of Internet of Things devices—one that allowed teenagers to instant message, browse the web and share media files. They knew they wanted to incorporate Yahoo instant messaging, but they weren’t quite sure how to bring the technology to life. So Yahoo sent them to us. (The creators of the world’s first portable, Internet-based instant messaging devices.)

The Solution

Zipit licensed our internet-based messaging technology, and helped Sony embed it into their MyLO (My Life Online) device for instant messaging over a Wi-Fi connection (before anyone really knew what Wi-Fi or Internet of Things devices were).

Sony loved it, so that’s what we did.

We took the experience from our wireless devices and incorporated them into the Sony MyLO.

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