Redefining Healthcare. One Dosage at a Time.

It looks like a Keurig coffee machine, but it could save hospitals (and American taxpayers) millions of dollars every year. Meet Livi™ from PharmRight—a highly advanced, fully automated home medication dispenser and Internet of Things healthcare device.

The Problem

PharmRight had an Internet of Things healthcare idea that could revolutionize the industry: What if a machine could control at-home medication adherence and allow for critical message sharing? What if it could simulate the careful supervision of an on-site physician or caregiver by delivering the right medication, at the right time, in the right quantity, with the right instructions?

Livi™ could cure one of the biggest problems in healthcare: repeat hospital visits due to improper (or missed) medication dosage.

PharmRight had the great idea to create a machine that could not only dispense meds and prompt patients to take their meds properly, it would also let caregivers be aware of all dosages and alert them to missed cycles. More cycles done right, fewer cycles missed, fewer repeat visits, lower healthcare costs.

But first, PharmRight had to make Livi™ an “Internet of Things” device that could communicate properly to all parties and share very private, very critical information with the right people.

Enter Zipit.

The Solution

Zipit worked with PharmRight to connect Livi™ to the web through our proprietary cloud-based infrastructure for complete security and critical dosage alerts. We also developed all back-end systems, such as a user administration portal for real-time access to data and patient interactions and a dedicated support web portal for PharmRight.

Now, each device’s administrator (physician or caregiver) can schedule and monitor all medications and patient interactions remotely and securely.

Zipit also enabled each Livi™ with communications capabilities through a nationwide cellular network that let each device automatically send an alert via text message or email to a caregiver or family member when the device needs refilling or a patient does not take their medication.

All servers and infrastructure are monitored by Zipit on a routine basis for seamless, constant communications.

“Our vision is to empower individuals to live more independently than ever before, while providing next generation tools to enable caregivers to provide better care. The Zipit platform accelerated our time to market and reduced the complexities of bringing a secure, Internet-enabled device to market.”

Bill Park
PharmRight Corporation

The Result

The result was an end-to-end Internet of Things healthcare solution. Patients can now enjoy their independence and live better lives. Family, physicians and caregivers can schedule and monitor medications remotely like never before. And hospitals and American taxpayers can reduce healthcare costs.

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