Smart Message™ Workflows

Powerful message automation and escalation rules that help improve communication processes

Streamline Complicated Notification Processes
Customizable to Meet Your Team's Needs
Mitigate Errors with Preconfigured Responses

Most departments within Healthcare organizations have established processes that determine how clinicians, physicians, and staff respond to events – from admission and discharge to Code calls.  Over time, these workflows become part of the organizational culture and lack regular process improvement reviews. Patient outcomes and organizational operations often suffer by the lack of any improvement processes, especially when there are delays in critical, time-sensitive situations.

Zipit observed these processes and identified key areas where communication breakdowns occur in order to develop a solution – Smart Message™ workflows.

Smart Messages are customized workflows that streamline operations, minimize duplication, and automate communication processes such as message escalation and tracking of responses to ensure the right number of people respond to any given task.

These message orchestrations have many obvious benefits for organizations even outside of Healthcare and have been implemented by Zipit customers across various industries. If you are interested in learning how Zipit Smart Message workflows may be implemented within your organization, contact our Sales team. 

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“A key metric in STEMI is decreasing door-to-balloon times. For Beaufort Memorial, Zipit's escalation workflow is critical to our operation to do just that.”

Sabrina Faircloth
STEMI/AMI/CP Quality Coordinator, Beaufort Memorial Hospital