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BrightSign, LLC is the industry leader in digital signage media players for use in places like retail stores, corporate headquarters, medical offices, museums, hotels and sports and entertainment venues. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Los Gatos, California, BrightSign has sold over 2 million media player devices to date and continues to lead the market - as noted by research firm IHS for many years.


The Challenge

The team at BrightSign knew there was an opportunity to enhance their customer experience. They had seen a lot of growth in their digital signage media player business and their customers wanted a better way to update content and troubleshoot technical problems wirelessly - without having to physically visit each device or struggle with inconsistent corporate Wi-Fi setups. Some of these devices could even be located in remote areas!

To solve this challenge, BrightSign would have to expand from ethernet and Wi-Fi setup to a Cellular one as well, that wouldn't rely on their customers' corporate Wi-Fi networks.

Enter Zipit.


Executive Summary

  • BrightSign needed to expand their connectivity solution from the traditional Ethernet or Wi-Fi setups to Cellular and needed an experienced partner that could help them manage this effectively

  • The Zipit platform provides the cellular connectivity and subscription plan management for BrightSign customers

  • Zipit's platform is tightly integrated with the BrightSign Mobile Portal, a comprehensive and easy-to-use web application where BrightSign customers can purchase and activate the subscription tiers that make sense for them - enabling the bundling of connectivity, content updates and even streaming capabilities  

  • BrightSign customers in the US and Europe can now remotely manage more devices in more locations than ever, without having to physically visit remote locations, and they gain the added benefit of not having these devices connected to their corporate Wi-Fi networks. 

The Solution

We helped BrightSign solve the operational complexities around cellular connectivity and offer their customers different subscription tiers to meet the varying needs of the markets they serve. In addition, because this cellular version of their offering does not need to be attached to a corporate network, it can accelerate time to deployment and streamline the approval process with their customers' IT security teams.  

BrightSign leveraged our Connectivity & Billing platform technologies to be able to:  

  • Activate their digital signage media players on the top cellular networks around the world 

  • Offer multiple subscription packages to corporate customers through the BrightSign Mobile Portal

  • Provide a seamless, remote management experience for customers across numerous vertical markets like retail stores, medical offices, entertainment venues, and hotels

The Result

Now, BrightSign's customers can easily activate their cellular-enabled devices on demand, using a self-service portal. In addition, the company can now offer coverage in new markets to new and existing customers, faster. 



Activations and Billing
Costly Truck Rolls
Expansion Globally

“BrightSign wanted to be able to offer subscription services around the world, without overwhelming our operations teams, and while still being compliant with the unique taxation rules in each market. Zipit's robust platform, expertise in subscription offerings, and integrations with our carrier provider gave us the confidence we needed to move forward.”

Bryan Kennedy
VP Business Development, BrightSign

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