Monitoring Wildlife from Anywhere with a Cell Connection


Creating the First Wirelessly Managed Trail Cameras

Bushnell is the market leader in outdoor trail cameras. They're known for delivering rugged devices that give hunters crystal-clear images and video of wildlife in action.


The Challenge

There are dozens of trail cameras on the market in any given year, so competition is fierce. Bushnell needed a differentiator, and so they wondered if they could reimagine the customer experience by allowing their customers to access photos remotely - instead of following the status quo of requiring customers to physically visit each of their cameras in the wilderness. 

Enter Zipit.


Executive Summary

  • Bushnell worked with Zipit to develop & launch their wireless trail camera products
  • Zipit helps Bushnell manage new device activations across multiple networks in various countries
  • Zipit platforms power end user purchasing experiences & Bushnell's customer support portals
  • Bushnell securely stores and manages millions of photos for customers
wireless trail camera

The Solution

We helped Bushnell take their idea one step further, not only allowing customers to receive their photos remotely, but to be able to manage the settings on the cameras remotely, and to proactively be notified when the device's battery level was low or when data allowances needed to be renewed.

Bushnell leveraged our Connectivity & Billing platform technologies to be able to:  

  • Activate cameras on multiple cellular networks

  • Offer data services packages to end users in a subscription model

  • Run limited-time promotions and handle credit card transactions

  • Power the online portal for Bushnell customers to remotely manage camera settings & subscribe to plans 

  • Power the support portal for Bushnell's customer service team to troubleshoot devices

The Result

Now, trail camera customers can activate their new devices in just a few minutes, remotely change their settings as desired, make one-time purchases or subscribe to recurring plans - while Bushnell dramatically increases their revenue potential per device. It's a win-win.

Avg Profit Per Camera
to Activate a New Camera
activations and subscriptions
“Thanks to our partnership with Zipit, Bushnell transformed our Trail Camera business by providing cellular subscription service options that enable a dramatically better user experience while generating roughly three times the lifetime profit for each camera. In addition, with Zipit's connectivity and billing solution, Bushnell is able to offer our end users relevant add-on features to complement their subscription services and enable them to make the selections that best meet their individual needs.”

Jacob Thomason
Product Manager, Bushnell

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