Activating Irrigation Controllers Around the World


Streamlining the Administration of Cellular Services, Globally.

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of irrigation systems and controllers for commercial, residential, municipal and agricultural applications. Headquartered in San Marcos, California since 1981, Hunter's irrigation business now spans over 80 countries.


The Challenge

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, manufacturing companies like Hunter see opportunities to improve their customers' experience with their products and offer enhanced features and value-added software and services. To effectively deliver those new features and services to its customers around the world, Hunter needed to be able to operationalize the administration and billing of cellular service in addition to their core business of designing and manufacturing world-class irrigation solutions. Given the complexities of integrating with numerous carriers and setting up subscription services, this can be a tall order for any company, even one with the global scale of Hunter Industries. 

Enter Zipit.

Hunter Solution

Executive Summary

  • Hunter needed an experienced partner to provide cellular connectivity and billing services for their next generation of wireless irrigation controllers

  • Zipit's multi-carrier offering enabled Hunter to provide connectivity across multiple networks and in various countries, based on their market needs

  • Zipit's platform gives Hunter a single pane of glass to analyze business results as well as to facilitate the deployment and management of multiple cellular plan offerings

  • Hunter can now offer subscription services to its customers in a simple, self-service way and link device activations with customer billing processes, all from within their existing Irrigation Controller Management Platform  

The Solution

We helped Hunter Industries solve the operational complexities around wireless connectivity and offer their customers multiple cellular subscription services to meet the varying needs of the markets they serve.

Hunter Industries leveraged our Connectivity & Billing platform technologies to be able to:  

  • Activate wireless irrigation controllers on multiple cellular networks around the world

  • Offer different data services packages to end users in a self-service subscription model

  • Seamlessly integrate credit card transaction handling within their existing controller management platform

  • Provide a secure, online portal for Hunter's Customer Service team to troubleshoot devices and manage subscription plan offerings

The Result

Now, Hunter's Centralus customers can easily activate their products on demand, on the carrier networks in their region using a self-service portal within the existing Hunter Irrigation Controller solution. In addition, the company can onboard new carriers as needed to provide additional market coverage without having to worry about the time-consuming platform integrations or contract negotiations that can slow down product launches. 

Activations and Billing
with Hunter Platform
Subscriber Experience
“Hunter needed a reliable partner to manage the activation, billing and administration of cellular services for our customers around the world and found Zipit to be the solution we were looking for. Zipit's ability to securely integrate with our platform ensures we give our irrigation controller customers a seamless experience when managing their subscription service.”

Dave Shoup
Category Manager, Hunter Industries

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