Secure communication through any browser, on any operating system.

Zipit Web Messenger enables dispatchers, nurses at a nurses station, or anyone using a web browser to have two-way, HIPAA compliant secure communication amongst each other or with their mobile workforce. It facilitates conversations between individual users or groups, and records communication for archival purposes.

Key Features

Send and receive secure text messages, priority messages, and attachments
Supports all leading browsers on Windows and Mac platforms
Supports individual or group conversations
Complete communication audit trail kept in a secure, cloud-based platform
Communicate with colleagues using the Zipit messaging devices, Zipit Confirm mobile app, Zipit Web Messenger, or standard SMS

“We use Zipit’s secure chat feature for classified intel because it is an intentional, direct line of communication. It’s a better secure text message.”

Special Patrol Officer
Spokane PD, Spokane, Washington

Customers Who Trust Zipit

One Platform for the Whole Enterprise.

No matter the industry or application, Zipit has the single platform to standardize communication across your organization. Our comprehensive solution integrates advanced technologies:

  1. Dedicated Messaging Device – Zipit Now™ TSL redefines rapid response with ultra-reliable communications, including two-way paging, priority messaging and forced message response.
  2. iOS & Android Mobile Apps – Zipit Confirm™ Mobile App offers the same functionality as dedicated Zipit Now TS, overriding device volume settings* and offering support for multiple roles on BYOD.
  1. Browser-based Communication – With Zipit Web Messenger, seamlessly communicate back and forth with remote teams across an entire facility or off‑site
  2. Cloud-based Administrative Portal – With Zipit RAP™, you can send messages to as many as 10,000 devices, get messaging and delivery updates, and there’s no server to install or maintain.

With priority-based messaging, secure texting, transparent communication and message automation capabilities, Zipit is the ideal solution for any organization that needs an encrypted, reliable way for employees to communicate in real time.

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*Available only on Android and Zipit devices