An Internet of Things Company.

For nearly 20 years, some of the world’s largest companies have put their trust in Zipit to deliver Internet-enabled products and services. These clients are empowered to bring their own connected products to market through Zipit’s End-to-End IoT Solution or benefit from Zipit’s Enterprise Messaging Solution, which ensures that critical messages are acted upon.

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Critical Messaging Solution
End-to-End IoT Solution

Connectivity when it matters.

Zipit Wireless’ enterprise messaging system is only part of what makes us a leading provider of  Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Whether we’re deploying a hospital’s critical communications system to help save lives or adding Internet connectivity and cloud-based services to a client’s best-in-class product, when it counts, Zipit connects.

Zipit Enterprise Messaging System

A more reliable, accountable messaging solution with Priority Messaging and Secure Enterprise Text Messaging.

Zipit Now TS Device

Rapid response and high-level security
in critical situations

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Zipit Confirm

The mobile application for iOS
and Android handsets

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Zipit Web

Secure, web-based
messaging from any

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Zipit RAP

Cloud-based remote administrative
and management software

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The days of unreliable and insecure communications are over. Unlike pagers, radios and texting, the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ is a reliable, timely, accountable, two-way enterprise messaging service. Trusted by hundreds of hospitals, manufacturers, universities, government agencies, EMS teams and hospitality teams. Because Seconds Matter.™







“Zipit is the best thing we’ve ever had from a communications perspective…Now we never hear “I didn’t get the message,” because they always get the message.”

Operations Manager
Century Ambulance Services

The Internet of Things Experts. For More than a Decade.

We’re no IoT rookies. In fact, Zipit has provided Internet-based services and wireless connectivity for innovative devices since 2004. We’ve helped create a picture frame that automatically pulls pictures from Facebook, the world’s first carrier-approved, wirelessly managed trail camera and a home medicine dispenser that caregivers can monitor via a secure web-based platform.

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