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Zipit Wireless
Critical Communications and IoT Services

A History of Innovative Connected Solutions

Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”) has spent the last decade developing best-in-class, network connected devices that are remotely managed through a cloud-based web portal.

Zipit began by creating branded mobile devices that solved usability, connectivity, and communication challenges.  We went a step further by adding a cloud-based, management tool for those devices. Our first product, the Zipit Wireless Messenger™ rolled off the line in 2004 to rave reviews from the Chicago Tribune, NY Times and many others.

Our vision, technology and intellectual property have enabled some of the biggest and most highly-regarded technology and communications companies to bring products to market.

Zipit is a cloud-based software and services provider with key intellectual property and expertise in connecting wireless devices to Internet based services. Zipit has two primary businesses – Critical Communications and IoT (Internet of Things) Services.

Zipit’s connected platform includes a robust cloud-based infrastructure, connectivity and activations for wireless service providers, web-based interfaces and smartphone applications for device management and communication, customer support portals, and in-depth reporting services  and existing carrier relationships with the nation’s leading carriers, AT&T and Verizon.

Critical Communications:

Our Critical Communications solution delivers highly reliable priority messaging and secure texting, typically replacing antiquated pagers and radios that provide no proof of message delivery, security or accountability. We’re are changing the world of priority messaging and secure communications.

Our customers include Hospitals, Ambulance Service Providers, Hotels, Schools, Manufacturers, Utilities, Government Agencies, and customers in many other industries. Our solution helps organizations eliminate the frustrations and headaches they experience with their out of date one-way communication systems and we help eliminate their legal and financial risks associated with communicating over systems that aren’t secure.

IoT (Internet of Things) Services:

Since 2004, Zipit’s IoT business has provided Internet-based services and wireless connectivity for a variety of devices. Our services help end users manage their mobile devices, enterprises manage mobile workers and equipment, and carriers extend their networks to a variety of mobile devices that generate recurring revenue.

Our customers cover a diverse set of products – such as a prescription dispenser from PharmRight, an award winning wireless trail camera from Bushnell, a connected digital picture frame from HP, and a wireless consumer communications device from Sony.