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Zipit Wireless
Leading the Way

A History of Innovative Connected & M2M Solutions

Zipit Wireless has spent the last decade developing best-in-class, network connected devices that are remotely managed through a cloud-based web portal.

Zipit Wireless began by creating mobile devices that solved usability, connectivity, and communication challenges.  We went a step further by adding a cloud-based, management tool for those devices.

Our first product, the Zipit Wireless Messenger™ rolled off the line in 2004 to rave reviews from the Chicago Tribune, NY Times and many others.  Our vision, technology and intellectual property have enabled some of the biggest and most highly-regarded technology and communications companies to bring products to market that are the culmination of Zipit’s intelligent, connected design.

Now, we’ve reached the next evolutionary advance in our life cycle. Zipit is bringing critical messaging solutions to high-impact task teams across Enterprise-level industries such as healthcare, hospitality, government, emergency response, manufacturing, utilities, and more.

Leading the Way

Our Zipit “Connected” platform was created with individuals and businesses in mind. Since 2003, we have been creating solutions that solve problems, help people communicate and deliver impactful results with scalable solutions. Our patented connected platform leverages our unique software technologies in both device and Cloud-Based infrastructure to deliver results way before Cloud-Based computing was a “word of the day”.

Our platform delivers communication that’s fast, secure, and always connected which is why leading companies such as Verizon, HP, Sony and others have partnered with us to help them solve problems.

From our Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution that has elevated patient care, increased customer satisfaction and brought accountability of critical message delivery to new levels at hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities and other businesses nationally, to the connected devices that enable families to view pictures from Facebook on a picture frame. Our expansive and scalable ecosystem has no limits.

It’s more than just a communication or critical messaging solution. It’s an evolution in how people communicate. Just see what our Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution is doing today and let us know how we can help you tomorrow.