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Zipit and PursuitAlert Partner on IoT Fleet Monitoring Solution

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Jan 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM

PursuitAlert's solution for public safety leverages Zipit's IoT device management and connectivity technologies to connect to cellular networks and reliably communicate with cloud services.

Greenville, S.C. - Jan. 17 2019 - Zipit, an IoT value-added services provider, today announced the company's partnership with PursuitAlert in support of PursuitAlert's public safety notification and fleet monitoring system.

The PursuitAlert solution is designed to send high-priority mobile alerts, similar in nature to amber alerts, in order to rapidly notify civilians of a nearby police pursuit in progress that could pose as a safety hazard. The solution consists of a connected device, a cloud back-end infrastructure and smartphone applications for end-users.

The PursuitAlert solution's features for law enforcement agencies include:

  • Sending instant, audible safety alerts to the mobile devices of opted-in civilians that are within range of a high-speed pursuit
  • Near real-time GPS data of police cruisers to prevent officers going MIA
  • Viewable database of police cruiser histories and pursuit paths
  • Pin drop features to mark discarded contraband while in pursuit

PursuitAlert is taking advantage of Zipit's IoT Connect product to securely connect the device installed in police cruisers to the nationwide AT&T cellular network. In addition, Zipit's IoT Device Manager automates cloud provisioning and over-the-air device upgrade capabilities and Zipit's IoT Administrator is used to provide fleet monitoring analytics to law enforcement agencies. The comprehensive solution enables near real-time communication with end-users that have downloaded the PursuitAlert smartphone application.

"Warning systems have been in place and have been very effective for tornadoes, floods hurricanes and lightning, and more people are killed in police pursuits per year in the US than all four of these combined. We aim to offer law enforcement agencies a solution that helps them significantly reduce preventable injuries and fatalities," said Tim Morgan, Founder of PursuitAlert. "Zipit's proven experience and technology for IoT solutions made them an easy choice to assist us in bringing this solution to law enforcement agencies and communities across the country."  

"We believe PursuitAlert's technology will have great potential to save lives and mitigate pursuit-related injuries that unfortunately happen to innocent bystanders," said Frank Greer, CEO of Zipit. "Zipit is proud to support PursuitAlert's team as they help law enforcement agencies address this challenge."


[Video Credit: WSPA7 News & PursuitAlert]


About PursuitAlert

PursuitAlert is an incident alerting company located in Pickens, South Carolina. Founded in 2016, PursuitAlert is the new standard in a patented state-of-the-art mobile warning system to alert motorists and civilians of an immediate danger of an active police pursuit by participating law enforcement agencies. For agencies interested in adopting the PursuitAlert solution, please visit our website:

About Zipit

Zipit Wireless (“Zipit”), a leader in the Internet of Things, helps connected device OEMs deliver secure IoT solutions quickly and efficiently.

Through a suite of IoT Value-Added Services, Zipit can provide secure device connectivity anywhere in the world, as well as the ongoing device management, billing and support capabilities necessary to capitalize on highly sought after subscription-based IoT business models.

To learn how Zipit can help your business, visit our website: The “Z” logo and Zipit are registered trademarks of Zipit Wireless, Inc.

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