OTA Updates Are Important for IoT Devices. Here’s Why.

First, what are Over-the-air updates? Gartner defines the phrase “Over-the-Air” (also known as OTA) as the ability to download applications, services and configurations over a mobile or cellular network. Basically, Over-the-air updates are specifically defined packages of software that are remotely and wirelessly delivered to devices. Are OTA updates important for IoT devices? In short, yes. OTA updates for IoT devices provide OEMs, device technology companies and IoT solution operators with the [...]

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Why Do 3 Out of 4 IoT Projects Fail? Let’s Fix That.

At the 2017 IoT World Forum, Cisco unveiled research that said more than 60% of IoT projects fail in the Infancy/Proof of Concept (POC) stages, and only 26% actually get completed (and we shouldn't assume all of those 26% lead to tangible, improved outcomes - the true reason for IoT.) With Gartner's estimate of 8.4 billion "things" up and running by the end of 2017, that means there are a [...]

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Five Considerations When Developing Connected Medical Devices

Internet-enabled devices, especially in the medical field, can have specific requirements that may not apply to traditional products. Looking forward 10 years from now, everyone may take their connected medical devices for granted, as you do when you consult your smart watch today. But before ubiquity and even design iteration comes standards, and standards develop out of careful analysis of the challenges and sensitivities of a market. Today, the medical device industry, [...]

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