18 Top IoT Companies You Should Know

Ralph Heredia
Apr 4, 2022 10:27:12 AM

The internet of things (IoT) industry is experiencing not only rapid growth but also aggressive innovation. According to McKinsey, over 25% of businesses currently use IoT technologies, and the industry is expected to grow at a rate of over 26% in 2022. You’ll find a variety of vendors offering IoT services, from wireless carriers to cloud computing to devices and gateways. Here are some of the top vendors Zipit works alongside that are paving the way for the future by leveraging top-level technology and exceptional service.

How Companies Are Using IoT

Companies in almost every industry are using the power of IoT to gain a competitive advantage, increase efficiency, and improve quality. 

  • Retailers are increasing profitability by providing improved customer experiences, increasing efficiency in logistics and transportation, and gaining operational efficiencies. 
  • The transportation industry is leveraging IoT for greater safety, reducing environmental impacts, and monitoring and maintaining infrastructure.
  • The agriculture industry and farmers are using smart farming to improve quality, maximize output, implement cleaner processes, reduce resource utilization, and improve control over processes while increasing efficiency. 
  • Healthcare companies are improving care, reducing cost and errors, diagnosing patients more quickly, improving patient experience, and providing better drug and equipment management, making it easier for providers and patients to find what they need.

This is just a sampling of the many industries being transformed by the power of IoT.

18 Top IoT Companies 

Given the incredible opportunity in the IoT industry, there are a tremendous number of vendors in different aspects of this growing market. Many focus on specialized areas within the industry, so we’ve organized this list by the aspect of the business each company specializes in. We see these IoT companies as the important players to watch in the coming years. They are all innovative and reputable businesses carving out their respective niches and driving the industry forward. These are the companies to keep an eye on as the future evolves.

Wireless Carriers

When it comes to wireless carriers, the big players in the domestic US market are all in on IoT, and have been for quite some time. All of these carriers offer 5G — however, the networks are still being built out, so 4G is still considered the standard. As they continue to build, they are in the process of sunsetting 2G and 3G to bring the market up to 4G standards and to make room for expansion. The top US wireless carriers, in no particular order, are:

But don’t be fooled into thinking IoT is exclusive to the US market. There are numerous international wireless carriers driving the expansion of IoT use cases. These international carriers are responsible for making technologies like LTE-M, NB-IoT, and even 5G accessible to companies and consumers across Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere around the world. Additionally, they are responsible for more recent market shifts, like “massive IoT.” Consisting primarily of wide-area use cases, massive IoT connects large numbers of low-cost, low-complexity devices with relatively low throughput speeds and long battery life. Some of the top international wireless carriers spearheading this transformation include:

Traffic Routing, Delivery, and Security

When it comes to private networks and traffic routing, one company is rising to the top:

Akamai offers an agile network that can easily scale for a near-flawless delivery with the security measures required in today’s world. Akamai is also investing in edge computing, where the processing and analytics are handled closer to the system instead of via transmission to the cloud. It’s an evolving area of IoT technology and offers some exciting promise for increased speed and lower latency.

Cloud Platforms and Cloud Computing

A cloud infrastructure is one of the essential components of a successful IoT ecosystem. Without it, you don’t have the internet of things. It might not surprise you that Amazon and Microsoft are the dominant players in this important space. They offer a reliable, flexible, and scalable cloud infrastructure and are a top choice for many businesses. Their cloud platforms are:

Device Modules

IoT devices need to be fitted with technology to make them work as part of an IoT system, including hardware and software. Companies adapt these devices to provide digital identity, connectivity, and security. This enables devices to connect to networks safely and securely. The top IoT device modules are:

Other IoT Solutions Companies

There’s a whole host of companies that support IoT in one way or another, and it would take far too long to name them all. Here are several more companies providing various services to businesses engaged in IoT that stand out from the rest for their top-notch knowledge and support levels: 

  • Connected Development — Company that provides custom design services and wireless certifications and validations.
  • Device Solutions — Engineering consulting company that provides product design services, certifications, deployment services, and manufacturing support.
  • Pivot International — Company that offers engineering and design services, contract manufacturing, global supply chain support, and regulatory compliance.
  • TTI — Company specializing in component distribution.
  • MultiTech — Company focusing on the communication aspects of IoT systems, including networking devices, cellular gateways, and sensors.

Look to the Best Partners When Designing Your IoT System

As a pioneer in the IoT industry, Zipit understands that delivering world-class IoT solutions takes a team of world-class partners along the entire development and deployment journey. When you’re looking for partners to help you bring IoT solutions to market, make sure you connect with the businesses that can point to a proven history of delivering solutions and overcoming complex technical challenges, from connectivity management to subscriptions enablement and cloud architecture to security best practices and beyond. Based on our personal experiences with each of the above companies, and their reputations as industry leaders, we’re confident that they are all excellent companies to consider as part of your external partner team.  

Want to know more about Zipit’s IoT connectivity and billing platform? Contact us to discuss your company's unique needs. 

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