The Convenience of Digital with the Immediacy
of In-Store Pick Up.

BJ’s Wholesale Club deployed Zipit’s IoT technology across all of its 213 clubs to improve order processing and fulfillment efficiency, eventually offering it’s customers a new service based on the application.

The Problem

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States and is well-known for providing its customers with convenient services and high quality products. To stay ahead of the curve, the company understood that this emphasis on customer convenience and efficient operations must be consistent, whether a BJ’s customer orders online and gets their item shipped or orders online and picks up the item in a store.

But BJ’s needed to find an IoT partner that had the right cloud-based technology, understood how to quickly deploy it on a national scale, and could integrate it with BJ’s existing order management system.

Enter Zipit.

The Solution

BJ’s performed a comprehensive trial of the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering built on Zipit’s IoT platform with cloud-based messaging and device management services, to notify BJ’s Team Members of incoming orders and keep track of operations through business analytics.

The Zipit solution was seamlessly integrated with BJ’s existing order management system, allowing BJ’s to immediately implement the service without requiring a change in processes and accelerating deployment across all of its 200+ locations.

Now, when new online orders are placed, a message is instantaneously sent to the right BJ’s Team Members on their mobile devices with the instructions for fulfilling the order. Site managers can look at communications in real time and always have insight into how well their store is performing.

“…the unique Zipit priority messaging feature ensured that appropriate attention was given to incoming orders.”

Noor Abdel-Samed
Vice President, Omnichannel
BJ’s Wholesale Club

The Result

BJ’s improved its internal processes to become more efficient and BJ’s customers have more freedom of choice and convenience.

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