Seamless Provisioning to Simplify Device Deployments

Modjoul SmartBelt

Modjoul is a high-impact startup that has garnered attention from enterprise customers for its unique SmartBelt Activity Tracker, a wearable designed to improve workplace safety and mitigate the costly challenges associated with workplace injuries. The sensor-equipped wearables provide insights on employee movements to identify behaviors that put those employees at risk of injury, earlier.

The device is unique in that it can capture data around location, environment and a wide variety of motions such as walking, sitting, bending, twisting, falling and more.

The Challenge

The Modjoul team understands the value of data. With a background in the Insurance industry, they have a valuable perspective on how the right data at the right time can make a huge impact on peoples’ health and a company’s costs. They developed a solution to do both. The problem is that enterprise customers often have unique needs with regard to IT security and the access that IoT devices are allowed to have within their environments. This makes scaling an IoT business a difficult, custom affair.

The Solution

In order to simplify the process of on boarding new customers, Modjoul needed to be able to assign a device to the right customer instance of their solution. That required provisioning devices with the appropriate AWS IoT certificates for each customer instance.

In addition, given that the SmartBelt activity tracker is a Wi-Fi device, it needed to be able to support enterprise-level network certificates to enable connectivity to customers’ designated Wi-Fi networks.

Zipit’s IoT Device Manager makes all of this happen seamlessly.

Now, when Modjoul assigns their belts to a customer, the claiming process if handled automatically, without requiring manual, on-site intervention by a Modjoul representative.

The Result

“Many workplace injuries occur as a result of repetitive, risky movements and Modjoul is focused on providing a solution that can help customers identify those movements and make corrections earlier. Zipit’s technology and expertise enables us to streamline the SmartBelt’s deployments in the field.”


Modjoul wearables analytics portal

As Modjoul continues to find success in the enterprise, the use of Zipit’s technologies will enable Modjoul to provide the unique device management credentials to its wearables in support of its clients in the warehousing, manufacturing, retail and transportation verticals.

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